Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kaleb's Birthday

On Saturday, our cousin Kaleb turned one. So of course we went down to celebrate with him -- at a big truck-themed backyard party, with fajitas from Rosa's. We ate, and the kids played with Kaleb's new toys. His brand-new backyard is now full of lots of fun stuff.

Bless that sweet little birthday boy's heart, I think he was a little overwhelmed. He would have been perfectly content to spend the entire evening in his new firetruck, protecting it from any other drivers getting in, and watching all the crazy antics.My kids really liked this little tunnel thing that he much that I was really worried we were going to break it before Kaleb even got to try it out! Everybody had fun in the sandbox...but no matter how many times he got and trouble and had to leave the sandbox, I just couldn't get Joey to understand that we don't throw sand! Until he ate a mouthful of it. Apparently the sand doesn't taste very good. :)For some reason he wasn't quite as interested in the sandbox after that. :) Instead, he moved on to cow-watching. And no, I don't typically let my kids run around with no clothes on at birthday parties! But after several days of hearing that it was supposed to get warm...and instead it staying cool...I didn't pack shorts...and it actually got warm instead of raining like they said it would...and the kids were hot...and then the cake was covered in red icing...and we were just in our aunt and uncle's backyard at a family/very close friends kind of birthday party...who needs clothes, anyway?!

Speaking of cake, look how cute they were!
Kaleb enjoyed his so much that he sat on it!
But he was of course a very sweet little cousin and was happy to share! Where's Micah, you ask? He was the smart one of the bunch that night. You guys can fight the naked babies all you want for that smashed up cake...But I'm gonna go eat my very own cupcake the right way, with all my clothes on! :) And after presents and a little more fun, we ended up zonked out at Gammie's!

Happy birthday, Kaleb!!!

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Heidi said...

Looks like you guys had a blast...and the cakes look AWESOME!

Lee and Michelle said...

Love that Kaleb sat on his cake! Babies in diapers eating cake, sounds like a good way to avoid trying to get red dye out of clothes.

A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

I'm lovin' the cakes! Too cute!! Seeig our little ones sacked out after a long, hard day sure is sweet (and a relief!)

Bonnie said...

Very cute cakes! Looks like lots of fun!

Bonnie said...

That was fun and the cake was delicuise