Friday, April 30, 2010


We walked out the door this evening, and were greeted by the wonderfully sweet smell of Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie's honeysuckle. We simply had to go taste it, too.

Joey says it's "duh-wish-us," and Micah now wishes everything in the world was made out of honey. :) (Conner wasn't with us, he's spending the night with Uncle Robert and Aunt Jodi.)

Isn't honeysuckle one of the coolest plants ever? Sometimes I just marvel at God's creative genius. There's the bushes with sweet-smelling yellow and white blooms, containing a drop of "honey" if you know the trick to getting it...and then just a few steps a peach tree whose pretty pink blossoms have turned into baby peaches...and a pear tree whose pretty white blossoms have turned into baby pears...and a few more steps over a tree laden with teeny tiny white blooms.

I have no idea what kind of tree it is, or if those blossoms contain anything wonderful or turn into anything yummy. I just think it's cool that they're all different and marvelous in their own way, airacle that we too often take for granted.

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Rachel said...

honeysuckle is one of my favorite memories as a kids...playing outside until the sun went down, exploring, working hard to get that teeny drop of honeysuckle. great vivid memories! that smell always brings me back...;)

Bonnie said...

also a big memory in my memory bank...
Thanks for taking time to smell the honeysuckle with the kiddos!!