Saturday, April 17, 2010

Teacher's Helper

For awhile now, Conner has been his teacher's little helper. He reads to the class for her so that she can have a few minutes to help the kids that aren't finished yet or work on some other things.

He. Loves. This. (Except for the days that he comes home saying that he only got to read 4 of the 23 pages because the other kids just weren't listening that day. :)

Lots of times at home he'll read to Micah, but he'll insist that Micah sit across from him instead of next to him. That way Micah can't see the pictures until he shows them at the end of the page. It doesn't usually go over very well with Micah (surprise, surprise!), and Conner just can't seem to understand why, if that's the best way to do it at school it doesn't work at home.

Yesterday Conner's teacher emailed me a couple of pictures that she had taken of him while he was helping. I love getting little glimpses of his day like this!
Thanks for sharing, Mrs. Scarpello! And ConnerBug, we're proud of you!

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CB said...

So sweet!! I can't wait until Ben reads to Collin!

Bonnie said...

Makes a tear come to this grandma/teacher's eye! (and I'm sorry that he has a hurt knee, but that little bandaid on his knee is pretty precious, too...let's a person know that he's a VERY normal little kindergartner, too!)

Bonnie said...

...and kudos to Mrs. Scarpello for including you in Conner's day like that! Super teacher!