Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a great Easter this year! Join me as I walk through with lots of pictures and a few words...

On Saturday we dyed Easter eggs,

with superhero accessories, of course. (*Sigh* No cutsie butterflies, daisies, or polka dots for me...)

The Easter Bunny came on Sunday morning. I love that the boys didn't wake up hunting for their baskets. In fact they never really looked for them -- Joey just stumbled upon it about thirty minutes after they had been up. It was a good find -- fun socks, Mighty Beans, Spiderman eggs, Elmo eggs, Batman eggs, and all kinds of other cool stuff. (Thanks, BooBoo and Gammie!)

Conner was pretty sick over the weekend, Bret and Micah were out Saturday evening, and my oven hasn't been working quite right, so we didn't get to do the Resurrection Cookies like I had hoped. (I'm hoping to try that again this weekend.) BUT, we had a pretty symbolic worship gathering. As a part of it we went up on a hill overlooking much of Burleson and, remembering the resurrection morning we prayed over our city.

The Wellsbrothers did their best, but really just had a hard time hanging in there. Luckily, we were outside, and they love picking flowers. I actually ended up with a very pretty little Easter bouquet. :)

Then we were off to Bubba and Uncle Chris' house. We stuffed ourselves with some delicious hamburgers, chicken wraps, and all the fixin's, while enjoying the beautiful weather. The boys tried catching some grasshoppers,

Joey and BooBoo had fun with Ollie,

and wouldn't you know Conner would hold someone hostage in a bedroom with a card game?! :) It was Uncle Ira who was his "victim" this time.

...and then, it was time for The Hunt! There were eggs everywhere. Our grandparents, aunts, and uncles were actually so generous that the boys quit before they found everything. They got tired, their bags got heavy (yes, bags and not baskets - crazy ol' Mom forgot the baskets!), they got anxious to start actually eating the candy, and they just quit.

And then when we sat down to check out the loot, we not only found candy, but over $10 in ones and change, Spiderman eggs, Play-doh eggs, cool socks, and all kinds of other cool stuff. It was enough to make us ready to go home and take naps! :)

Happy Easter from the Wellsbrothers! May you know Christ and the glory of His resurrection in your life!

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Gammie said...

awwww! looks like y'all had sooo much fun!!!! Thanks for walking us through the day :)

Bonnie said...

Loved reliving the day!
I really love your last picture and wish for us all...knowing Christ and His resurrection!
Bless you all!