Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Joey's Boots

With all the snow we had this winter, we've been very thankful that all three of the boys have a pair of rubber boots. And since they've gotten to wear them quite a bit, Joey has decided that he really likes them. As in, that's pretty much all he'll wear these days. I don't know if it's because he likes that they look like alligators, or if it's because they're just big enough that it doesn't matter if they're on the right foot or not which makes it easy for him to put them on by himself. Either way, the rubber boots have been the favorites recently. He wears them around the house, and pretty much everywhere we go. Thankfully, he doesn't throw too big of a fit if I insist on another pair of shoes -- if the rubber boots are not already on, and they're out of sight.

So for his birthday, Bubba decided he needed a real pair of boots. She took him shopping, and we decided on a super-cute pair of little John Deere's.Aren't they cute?! Bret's gotten the leather all conditioned and "water-proofed." We'll see if Joey loves these as much as the rubber boots...

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Krystal Carroll said...

I can't get over how big he's gotten.

And what a cutie - pie! Boots and PJ's are super duper cute!

Bonnie said...

cuteness all over the place!