Saturday, March 13, 2010

Children's Museum

My parents and siblings recently gave us a family membership to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History. They have a great Children's Museum that Conner and Micah have visited before with Bubba and Uncle Chris, so Bret and I couldn't wait to go check it out, too!

We were not disappointed! We made domino trains just to knock them down,checked out a "strange" machine called a typewriter, dug for fossils, and watched the 3D movie about natural gas excavation.They didn't give Joey any glasses, so I let him wear mine...and since I couldn't see what was really going on...apparently the dinosaur was actually right up in his face and pretty scary. He suddenly buried his face in my neck and got very still, so I took the glasses off of him and covered his head up with Coach. He stayed that way for the rest of the movie. If he's overly scared of dinosaurs now, I guess it's my fault. :( I guess I'll know next time though...

Then we went on to make coffee filters fly, (Joey probably could have stayed there all day!), and then did a little grocery "shopping." ...and we didn't even almost see everything. We can't wait to go back! Thanks to my fam for this opportunity. Between our zoo membership from Bret's Mom and Dad, and this museum membership, I think we're set for a great summer, no matter what the weather! :)

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