Sunday, March 14, 2010

Forgot Something

Joey has recently figured how to unlock the door knob, unlock the dead bolt, make sure they're both unlocked at the same time, and sneak out of the house.

Yeah, awesome.

Well, for his birthday Joey got a great basketball from Mr. Ron and Mrs. Debbie. He simply cannot get enough of shooting that basketball into his basketball goal outside. And I simply cannot spend all of my time out there with him. (We don't really have a fenced in yard, just letting him go out isn't an option.)

So this afternoon, Joey decided he wanted to go out. He got the door all unlocked, and even made sure to put on his boots. (Yes, he's loving the John Deere's!) I'm sure he thought he'd remembered everything. But he did forget one important little thing...
Bret just happened to be talking on the phone outside as Joey "snuck" out. I think he about choked. If this is how Joey chooses to sneak out of the house, we may be in for trouble when he's a teenager! :)

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Lee and Michelle said...

Love it! How do cute little toddler buts look so cute?