Monday, March 22, 2010

Rockin' Writing

Conner's class does an activity called "Rockin' Writing" everyday in class. In their journal, the kids are supposed to draw a picture, and then write a couple of sentences about it. Several weeks ago, a packet of Rockin' Writing paper came home, and his teacher asked that they do some Rockin' Writing at home every night, too.

At first, it was like pulling teeth. Obviously it's something he does everyday at school, he's not real interested in doing it every night at home, too. Ah, the beginnings of homework battles... Especially since we're supposed to help them correct their mistakes. That is what has been more frustrating than anything -- he finally finishes, and is proud of what he's done, just to have us point out a bunch of things to fix? For a kindergartener just beginning to write, that just didn't feel quite right...and it certainly wasn't encouraging this kid to love it and do more. So we're still going through the fantastic learning process of correcting our mistakes, but we're not pointing out everything. That's simply too much. We pretty much always make sure that we have periods and capital letters at the beginning of sentences, and correct spellings that aren't easily deciphered. From there we might work on one other thing, for example capitalizing names of places, too. (I hope that's okay Mrs.'s what's working for us!)

But a couple of weeks ago, something just clicked. Kind of like Micah suddenly discovered that he could color, Conner has suddenly discovered that he could write. It all started the night that he drew the Ninja. He just happened to really get into it...and before he knew it, he had to turn the paper over to write on the back...and then we had to get another piece of paper and staple them together! He couldn't wait to show his teacher. :) "I am a ninja. I live in China, becuase ninjas live there. One day I woke up and I was wathing tv. I turned it on. I was waching the news and I saw bad guys breaking the Grate Wall of China. So I went out too stop them so I snuck up the wall and I picked up as much bricks of the number of bad guys and one by one I droped a brick on ech of there heds. That stoped them and I saved the Grat Wall of China."

Mrs. Scarpello was quite impressed!

So every night since then (well, almost every night anyway!) Conner's been really into this Rockin' Writing thing and has written several pretty good little stories. I thought I'd share a couple more of my favorites: "Tooday I built a time machine that goes back in time any ware. I wanted too go back in time in Egypt but I acadently pushed the back in time of the dinasars buten and when I got out of the time machine I was face too face with a dodo bird. First he pecked me in the nose and then I slaped him in the face and then I kiked him to China. (We were in Brazil.)"

(Like the parentheses? They were his idea!)

"Today I went to ranch class. Today we lerned about chickens and when I got home I felt ichy. I went to the miror to see if avrything was ok and I saw some red bumps. (chicken + me = chicken pox.) Uh-oh."

I think that might be my favorite! :)

And last one, here's Bret's favorite. Conner just wrote it tonight: "Once upon a time me and my Dad went camping and in the midle of the night Big Foot snuck in to the camp and ate all the smores and put out the fire and ther was no night light for the rest of the night. And I woke up and I chect out side to see if there were any animals. And I saw some tracks so I woke Dad up and I showed him the tracks and we caught Big Foot. The end."

I love getting these little glimpses into his growing imagination! :)

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Heidi said...

LOVE it!!

Rachel said...

these are AWESOME stories!! ask him if he'd be interested in sharing some with my first graders?!! you're so right - when it "clicks" it clicks - and it's incredible how his creativity is just taking off! He's one neat kid!

Lee and Michelle said...

How funny! What an imagination!

Bonnie said...

Super stories...what a little he-man he is...saving the world from all the bad things...

A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

Hilarious stories!!! He's a smart little guy!!