Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Josiah!

I just can't hardly believe my baby is two today...

We had a little family party for him on Saturday, so today was pretty low-key. We opened presents, played all day, had octo-dogs (spaghetti noodles stuck through hot dog pieces and then boiled -- a little boy delicacy) for dinner,
and blew the "fire" out on his puppy cake. Several times. That kid is really into the fire part of birthday cakes! :)
Happy birthday to my baby. You have forever changed my world in so many ways. I love you!

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Rachel said...

happy happy birthday sweet joey!! and i love the boots! hudson always sneaks into ian's so i think they may be a present for him too;)

i seriously thought i just looked at your blog last night before bed and didn't see all these posts!?!?!? am i going crazy?

either way - march seems to be turning into a blessing of a month for the wells family!! love y'all!!

Krystal Carroll said...

Okay, can I ask a question... I am new to this mom thing and was wondering about the octodogs... do you put the noodles in raw and boil all of it together?

Rachel said...

Rachel - you caught me. :) I had about 8 or 9 unpublished posts in various states of completion. I'm at Mom's and Dad's right now, so I spent the afternoon finishing them up. So yes, you checked yesterday and they weren't there!

Krystal - Yup, you guessed right. Raw spaghetti (I broke it in half, but I don't guess you have to)stuck into raw weinies and then boiled together until the noodles are done. We saw it in a magazine a couple of weeks ago, and the boys LOVE them.