Saturday, March 6, 2010

Going Apes!

Joey's birthday is on Monday, so Gammie and Poppy and Aggie and Uncle Kevin and Cousin Kaleb drove up to celebrate with us today. We went to Going Apes (the bounce house here in town).

It was fun for all! Joey and Kaleb played in the toddler section for a little while, ...but mostly, Kaleb just wanted to walk (he's getting good at that!),and Joey eventually ended up with the basketballs. He's actually getting quite good at dribbling. :)Conner and Micah had a ball in the bungee runs.And of course, everyone loved the big slides.

I've got to take advantage of the opportunity to brag on Micah. His good big brother skills really shone through today. He was so good at helping Joey climb the big ladder. He pushed him up at just the right times, and only pushed just hard enough. It was pretty nice that Bret and I didn't have to crawl up and do that! ;)

Then we ate our pizza, stopped to look at the tigers on the way out, and went home for more birthday fun! Joey blew out the "fire" on his yellow dinosaur (thank you, Gammie!), and then he opened his presents. The funniest one was his FurReal kitty. It's soft and furry, meows, and walks just a like a real one. For awhile I think Joey really did think it was real. When he first opened it and put his face down by it, he quickly pulled back, crying that the kitty had bitten him. :) Happy early birthday, JoJo...and thanks to Gammie, Poppy, Aggie, Uncle Kevin, and Kaleb for all the fun and presents!

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