Monday, March 15, 2010


Last year when I went to the zoo during Spring Break, it did not end up being a very pleasant experience. I swore I would never go back during Spring Break. Well...I've already broken my promise to myself.

You see, the Fort Worth Zoo has been building a new herpetarium (reptile house). It's called the Museum of Living Art, and it's really supposed to be a pretty big deal. We've been watching them build it for over a year now, and have not been able to visit the reptiles at the zoo (because they've been in the process of moving) for several months. The boys have been very anxious for this thing to be done!

The MOLA's opening day was Saturday, March 6. I had considered taking the boys to see it on that day...but quickly decided against it when we ended up planning a trip to Going Apes. And ever since we've been looking for a good day to go.

Finally we decided that today should be the day. Sure, it's the first day of Spring Break...but it's the first day of it, and we hoped that if we got there a few minutes before it opened, and just stayed long enough to see the MOLA, it wouldn't be too bad. And to make things even better, Aunt Jodi decided to come along!

Thankfully, we were right. It was crowded, but not more than we could handle. (Though it was beginning to get that way as we were leaving!)

We stopped outside the building to take a good picture at the beautiful entrance. Or should I say "attempt" to get a good picture. I decided not to even try to crop Jodi out, the pictures tell a much better story with her in them!

She finally got them all on the rocks, but Micah refused to turn around. Conner, still posing and smiling, was trying to turn Micah around...
...which ended up with Micah on the ground.
I gave up at that point, somehow satisfied with this little series of bloopers. :)

The MOLA itself was actually quite grand. There are lots of big exhibits, and Joey loved running around looking at the fish and finding the turtles.

Meanwhile, Conner and Micah tagged along, trying to see every little snake, lizard, and frog in every little window. It took awhile, but it was fun.There is a nursery and hatchery that you can see inside of, and the boys even got to pet a snake. There was also a little island outside with some birds, lemurs, and a few other things. It was very pretty, but we spent most of our time talking with the blue macaw. It would squawk, Joey would squawk back. The bird would squawk, Joey would squawk back. Over and over and over. Other kids tried it a time or two and then quickly got tired...but not Joey. I really think he would have stood there and squawked all day!And even with all of that, we didn't get to see quite all of it. I'm glad to have checked the MOLA off the list...but we're excited to get to go see it a little better sometime soon!
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Heidi said...

Fun, Fun! We tried going to the museum on Wed....HORRIBLE! 45 minute waits to get into each exhibit room....NO WAY were we going to try and do that!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

We went to the Fort Worth Zoo last Spring Break when Rhett was finally discharged from Cook's Children Hospital. It was CRAZY. I swore, too, that I would never go back on SB. So what does stupid me do? We went to the Natural Science Museum here in Houston and it was just as wild. Ugggggh! It's such a bummer that you can't do much on Spring Break (without waiting in long lines)since everyone else is doing exactly what you want to do.