Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heritage Park and the River Walk

Earlier this week, Mom and Dad took us to Heritage Park in Glen Rose. It's "BooBoo and Yogi's" park, and we've been there lots of times before. In fact, we had a little family photo shoot there last spring. So, while the adults actually outnumbered the kids (Lydia met us there), and even though the kids were just dressed in play clothes, I decided to try my own hand at a photo shoot with my nifty new camera.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Conner and Micah were SO proud to have mastered that crazy slide! :)

Also recently, Glen Rose has built a River Walk on the Paluxy River. One end of it is at this Heritage Park. We had not gotten to see this yet, so we tried it. It was great! Short enough the kids could do it, beautiful, and access to the water in a couple of places.We even got a great picture of BooBoo and Yogi with the grandkids.
Thanks, BooBoo and Yogi! We had a great time!

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