Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another Limo!

Conner's school had a cookie dough fundraiser a few weeks ago. And once again, thanks to generous and supportive family members (and the fact that Conner is the oldest nephew/grandchild and no one else is selling anything yet!), he was a top seller for his school. So he got to ride in a limo to have lunch at CiCi's! (Again!)

Last time I got good picture of the limo at his school, so this time I decided to get pictures of the limo at CiCi's. So here it is pulling into the parking lot......and a very excited Conner running out! :)
We did the CiCi's thing. You know, a plate full of pizza, a bite or maybe two out a few of the pieces...and then another much emptier plate of cinnamon rolls and a few quarters wasted a video games.
Then it was time to go, and I actually got a few pictures inside the limo!

Way to go Conner, we're proud of you! And thanks to all the fam who bought cookie dough! Now I've just got to get it all to you so that I can have my freezer back! :)

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