Friday, February 26, 2010


Last fall, Conner's school had a fundraiser. We didn't want to make a big deal about it, but at the same time wanted Conner to participate and pitch in. So we figured we would just have Conner ask our families, some of them would probably buy a couple of things, and we could call it a day.

So we helped Conner write out a script, explaining why he was calling, what he was raising money for, how their buying something would help. We were blown away with their generosity. Everyone bought something, and most of them bought more than one something.

In fact, Conner sold about 25 items, making him one of the top eight sellers in the school. This qualified him for not only the prize of a limo ride to CiCi's for lunch one day, but VIP treatment while he was at it.

The limo ride was originally scheduled for a day in January. But it was postponed due to inclement weather. They rescheduled for earlier in February...but once again it was postponed due to inclement weather. The rescheduled rescheduled date ended up being today!

While Micah, Joey and I were not invited to ride along with him, I was not going to miss out on Conner's first limo ride. I've ridden in a limo a couple of times, but my first time was in high school -- certainly not in kindergarten!

So I was in the parking lot his morning when the limo -- a Hummer limo at that -- pulled up.The VIPs seemed to running a bit late, so Micah and Joey got to check the limo out up close. They didn't really know what to think, and to be honest, I'm not sure that Joey was convinced that it was even a car.Finally Conner and the other VIPs came out. He saw me first - "Mommy!" And then...then he saw the limo. He was pretty excited! :) The top sellers got VIP badges and sunglasses. Did you see my boy's pose? :)
Then we went to CiCi's, where it was as expected, crazy. In the amount of time between Conner's limo unloading and my getting the little brothers out of the van, a school bus unloaded, and the line went out the door. Bummer.

So by the time we got our food and sat down, Conner had pretty much finished, and the limo was on its way back to get him. But I was glad that we got to eat with him for those ten minutes or so, if for no other reason to see how proud Micah was to be there with his big brother.

I found out that as a part of this, each kid got to go through the buffet line and get their own food. Duh. I should have realized that. To my knowledge, Conner has never gotten to do this on his own before, except at school. I was pleased to learn that he knew what to do, and that he had piled up his plate with an acceptable amount of pizza and even a few veggies.

And then, I found it just as pleasing (albeit in a different kind of way) that he quickly discovered the desserts and got up to get some after only a few bites of pizza. Apprently he found the cinnamon rolls, picked one up with the tongs, and then carried it -- tongs and all, no plate -- to his table. :) Bless his heart, we've always either done it for him because that's what's easy. I guess it's time to let him do it so he can learn some of the unwritten rules...

Thanks to our family for supporting Conner and his school. Your magazine, candy, and gift wrap purchases have helped purchase things for the Math Lab and the Reading Island. Conner, we're proud of what a good salesman you are -- you're a pretty cool little superstar!

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Earnestine Novick said...

Bless his heart! He, alongside the other top sellers in the fundraiser, deserved to have ridden the limousine. It’s wonderful how Conner, at such a young age, already gets involved in fundraising activities for their school. You must be a proud mom, Rachel! Oh, do you have pictures of what the Hummer limo looks like from inside? =D I’m curious.

Earnestine Novick