Tuesday, February 23, 2010

MORE Snow!

Okay, I think today was the sixth time it's snowed this winter. Two of those times it didn't really snow very long or stick...but this is the fourth time we've actually gotten to play in it. What a great winter to be a kid in North Texas!

Today's snow was 2-3 inches (I think...didn't actually see the official report), which is a LOT of snow for around here. But after the record-breaking snow from a few days ago, it was a little disappointing. Crazy how quickly we get spoiled, isn't it?!

But it was still snow...and we still played in it. Joey got to play first, while Conner and Micah were out school.

He "helped" Bret build a surprise snowman for Conner and Micah to see when they got home.

(Bret likes the marble eyes and how the snowman is looking and reaching toward the sky. I love that little handprint next to it.)

But I had to move the little guy off the porch (where he was dangerously near the dryer vent) and onto the wagon. He didn't make the move too well, and required some reconstructive surgery. :)

Micah was very excited to see it when he got home...so excited that just had to knock the poor little guy over.Conner only got to see the remnants left in the wagon and pictures. But that was okay. He was just happy to finally get to play in the snow he'd been watching out the window at school all day. (That's right -- several inches of snow, but we still had school all day...)
Micah had already had enough of the snow, so only Joey joined Conner. They had a cute little snowball fight. But it didn't last long. By that time in the day, a lot of the snow had melted, it was really muddy, and Conner got his fill pretty quickly.
And on a side note -- we went to WalMart just before we picked up Micah. Joey was that kid. With his dragon rubber boots on the wrong feet and his Old Navy toboggan sticking up on the sides of his head, proudly carrying the box of contact solution for his daddy, and grinning that sweet little infectious smile. Every person who saw him couldn't help but smile back. I was (and am) proud to be the brothers' mother!

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Lydia said...

you are SOOO right - Joey is cute cute!!

Bonnie said...

great pictures, great day! Cute kids, lovely mom!

Heidi said...

Wasn't it SOOO pretty??? I can't believe the winter we've had!