Thursday, February 25, 2010

Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert's

Conner goes to Kindergarten everyday, Monday through Friday, and Micah goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. That leaves me with just my JoJo two mornings a week. It's nice being down to just one...but the poor kid really just doesn't know what to do with himself. Bless his heart, other than these couple of hours a week, he's never really even had the chance to learn how to entertain himself.

So while it might seem like I could get a lot done on those two mornings a week, I don't really. Unless you count one-on-one time with Josiah as something -- and I do! But it would still be nice to be able to take advantage of some of that time and be more productive than usual.

Well, several months ago, Jodi and Robert stepped in. Jodi is an ER nurse at Parkland. She works about 12 hour days when she's there, so obviously she's not there everyday! Robert is an associate/youth minister, and has a pretty flexible schedule most of the time.

It ends up that on either Tuesday or Thursday of each week both of them are home. Soooo...they offered to keep Joey on those days while Micah's in school! It ends up being Tuesday one week, Thursday the next, Tuesday the next, etc...

This has been absolutely wonderful! I still get my JoJo time in once a week, but I also get a few hours to myself each week. The best of both worlds! And as an added bonus, it's ended up being Joey's special something that only he gets to do. Everybody gets jealous about everybody else's special thing sometimes, but that's okay. :)

Joey loves his Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert time. (Or as he sometimes says, "Uncle Jodi and Aunt Robert!" :) In fact, he's started asking to go everytime we drop Micah off at preschool and gets pretty upset when he doesn't get to go.

He knows the way to their house, and starts yelling and clapping when we turn on their street. Then as soon as his feet hit the driveway, he takes off running to knock on the door. He loves that part!And just like Conner and Micah have a "list" of things they get to do each day at kindergarten/preschool, Joey has acquired quite the little "list" of his own. He nearly always eats a banana (it doesn't matter if he's had one at home or if I bring one for him -- he always wants one of Aunt Jodi's bananas!), he dumps out the blocks (from what I understand, that's usually it -- no playing with them, just dumping them), he watches an episode of Little Einsteins, he sits in the office chair while Uncle Robert pushes him all over the house chasing Aunt Jodi, he goes outside and looks at airplanes (they live close to an airport), he plays with Wrigley (sorry Wrigley, I know it's not the best pic, but it's what I had!), and then he looks at pictures of Wrigley on the computer. And that's just what I know about and can recall at the moment. I'm sure there's sooo much more. (And probably a few things that I haven't been told about -- you know, those things that are just between aunts, uncles, and nephews!)

The other day, Robert took and doctored up this picture of Joey. I still don't know how he got him to pose like that...but there's some things that uncles can do but moms just can't.

Uncle Jodi and Aunt Robert ;), thank you so much for giving this gift to Josiah and me. I'm not sure if you'll ever know just how much it means to us and how much it helps me out. I'm so thankful to have family like you -- and right here in Burleson with us! You da bomb!
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Robert said...

I just realized that I have my own tag on here - how awesome is that!

Joey's latest item on the list is "pee-no," which isn't as bad is it sounds. He probably plays on the piano for a total of 10 minutes (20 seconds at a time) every time he's here.

Thanks for the shout-out - we're glad to do it.