Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Conner came home from school very excited today. It was his turn to bring the ABC bag home! The ABC Bag contains an ABC book, an alphabet soup journal, and a whole bunch of magnetic letters. When it's your turn to bring the bag home, you get to read the book and complete several little activities with the letters, including making as many words as you can and recording them in the alphabet soup journal. Conner's favorites were putting the letters in order
and making words. But he didn't just make random words. Nope, not my little kindgergarten nerd. He made word families. He picked a couple of families, and went through trying every single letter to see if it made a word. He actually learned a few new ones this way, such as cot and jot. :)
Now, this kind of homework was something that Micah was terribly interested in. He really wanted to make his name with the letters, too. But it was written several times on the letter bags and in the journal to please not lose any of the letters. I had made Conner wait until Joey was asleep to get the letters out, not seeing how there was any way we wouldn't lose a letter with him running around and "helping." But Micah? Surely he could handle this, right? He's almost four, and was able to do some things with the letters, like spell his name. So we let Micah play, too.

Did I mention that the letters were magnetic? And have I mentioned before that in our crazy little house, the vents are in the floor? Well, they are...and all three boys know that magnets stick to the metal vent covers...and Micah just had to see if these letters were the same...and yup, you guessed it. We lost some letters in the vent.

You would have thought we'd thrown the whole bag out the window, the way Conner was carrying on about Mrs. Scarpello being mad and getting in trouble.

So I got out a screwdriver, unscrewed the vent cover off the floor, and fished out the letters. But while I was doing this, a few more letters were apparently lost under the bed. So I declared that it was officially time to put the magnetic letters away. Poor Conner, it's so hard for him to get to do anything like this without his little brothers messing it up.

But bless his sweet heart, he and Micah picked all the letters up while I fished the lost ones out from under the bed. And then he let Micah sit by him while he read the ABC book aloud.The ABC Bag was a fun little homework activity, but I was really kind of glad when it was over! Homework at our house with two active little brothers is an adventure nearly everyday...

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Bonnie said...

bless your little mama-heart!
(love that last picture of Conner reading to Micah...It's very fitting for how love wins out in the end...because I can also picture all the trauma and carrying on with the lost letters, etc.) Families do have their own unique dynamics, don't they?