Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pizza and Pajama Day

Today, in celebration of the letter P, was Pizza and Pajama Day at Micah's preschool. The kids got to wear their pajamas to school, and have pizza and punch at snack time. You have no idea how exciting this is!

Micah has been talking about Pizza and Pajama Day for weeks. He remembers when Conner got to do it last year, and has been anxiously awaiting his turn. Since about Christmas, we've regularly discussed which pajamas he would wear on this day, torn between the favorite dinosaur footie pjs and the next-favorite new spiderman pjs.

But finally he decided on the spidermans. He thought his friends would like those best. (They're really into spiderman, too.) I was just glad that we weren't going to have to deal with shoes over the footies!

He woke up this morning so excited, that he was runnung around everywhere doing the "silly dance."

And then Joey joined in.

And by the time it was time to go to school, Conner had joined in, too.

By the time I picked him up from school, the dancing had died down, but he still wanted to wear his pjs for the rest of the day. I think he had a great day at school, even if there was one little pepperoni on his slice of pizza! :)

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Anonymous said...

those pictures are priceless!
-aunt caroline

Bonnie said...

Nothing in the world as wonderful (well maybe AS wonderful...) as kids being excited about school. Real cool...

Bret Wells said...

Ha! That last picture is Micah's attempt at throwin' some case you couldn't tell.