Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Year Older...And Another Couple Teeth Fewer?!

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. The Wellsbrothers went to BooBoo and Yogi's for the weekend, so lots of people have asked what kind of wonderful things I did with my relaxing kid-free time. I guess I'm showing my age because I went to bed early, I sorted through receipts, added up numbers, and got our taxes ready to send off, Bret got me a couple of little gadgets for my new camera, I ate dinner at Chili's with Bret, we rented a RedBox movie, and then I fell asleep on the couch while I was watching it -- and I loved every minute of it! (Not that I particularly like dealing with taxes or sorting through receipts, but the gift of having that done is quite precious!!)

Mom and Dad met us with the boys at our worship gathering this morning. Micah kept trying to tell me something about a cake or sprinkles or something, but everyone else kept shushing him.

Then after Mom and Dad had left and we had gotten back home, I walked in on Bret, Conner, and Micah fiddling with something in the fridge. They quickly told me that I shouldn't look in there. There was nothing but "boring ol' boy stuff," so I just shouldn't look - especially in the bag on the top shelf. (Sounds good to me -- Bret, can you finish putting all the brunch leftovers up? ;)

A little while later we were leaving to meet the Chappotins at the park. (We try to get our families together every Sunday night, often to do something "missional.") There was hustle and bustle surrounding the "bag of boring ol' boy stuff" in the fridge and some paper plates, and I was told that there is lots of boys and boy stuff at the park, so it needed to come with us.

We spent some time playing soccer with a new friend and visiting with his father (during which time my "sweet" husband and friends got a good laugh at my hundred yard dash to catch Joey, who had taken off full speed toward the ledge that drops down into a creek), and the next thing I knew, Conner was "suddenly" leading me toward a picnic table, where they had all "covertly" gathered.

"Surprise, Mom! We made you a birthday cake!"

(This picture was taken after the cnadles had been pulled out -- the kids grabbed for them too fast!)

"Oh my goodness! You made me a birthday cake?! What a 'surprise!' I love it!"

"Ha ha, we tricked you. It wasn't 'boring ol' boy stuff.' It was a birthday cake. Do you like it? We picked it out and made it just for you at BooBoo's house."

And then Joey piping up, "Fire. Fire on da cake?" (Wouldn't you know one of them would be obsessed with not the candles, but the fire?!)

So we battled the wind to get the candles lit for Joey, there was a very quick rendition of "Happy Birthday," and we dug in.

(Too bad mine and Ryan's eyes are closed -- it's a pretty good pictur other than that!)

Conner wanted to cut a piece for me. He said that I needed the biggest piece since I was the birthday girl. (My "sweet" husband got a kick out of that too, insisting it was because I was so old that I needed the biggest piece.) The piece I ended up getting barely even fit into my bowl! :)

I thought I'd share with Joey, but he ended up eating snot instead of cake. :)

Apparently, icing and snot are not the best of combinations. This is the creepy picture Bret got of him a few minutes later.
And then, then we let the kids play for a few more minutes while we started cleaning up. And then we heard "that" cry. We looked up to see Joey picking himself up at the bottom of the steps to the slide. Bret ran over and grabbed him, revealing the blood gushing out of Joey's mouth.

And wouldn't you know it? Once the tears began the dry and the bleeding began to slow down, we saw that he hadn't just busted his lip. Nope. He's a Wellsbrother. You guessed it -- his two front teeth are a little out of place and loose now. Once again, I've found myself hoping and praying they'll tighten back up and pull through...but even though they're not as bad as Conner's were, they're definitely worse off than Micah's was the other night. We'll just have to see what they do...and be thankful that they're just baby teeth. In the meantime, Joey will just have to be more careful that usual (yeah, right!) and have a nice fat lip......and I'm thinking that if my two-year-old ends up loosing a couple of teeth prematurely, and if between the three of them the Wellsbrothers end up having five missing teeth before any one of them loses a tooth the "right" way...I'm thinking of just throwing my hands up, picking up a ratty old RV, moving to Arkansas, and just plain ol' giving up.

Happy birthday to me, I guess! It's a wild and crazy life, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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Gammie said...

It sounds like the first and middle part of the party weekend was wonderful! Again, Happy Birthday!
By now I guess we all should have been expecting a "grand finale wells style" . We are proud of you for not get the RV yet! Just hang in there.
p.s. I think we have figured out why Kaleb hasn't gotten anymore teeth, he has been watching and learning all this time :)

Lee and Michelle said...

Fun birthday! I seem to cringe everytime one of your boys takes a spill because they are always major spills. My pet pieve are over protective parents who spoil their kids fun and shield them from any possible collisions. Keep letting them enjoy life and experience it (blood and all)