Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby Teeth

I'm learning more and more about why, in his marvelous wisdom, God gave us two sets of teeth.

Only God would realize how hard bottles and binkies and thumbs are on teeth. And how bad parents would be about remembering to get all of those little teeth brushed each morning and each night. (Especially when we're talking about 50 little teeth here!) And how many times the owners of the little teeth would fall asleep before they got brushed. And how there would be no way the parents would wake them up just to brush the teeth when they fall asleep before the brushing. And how hard it is to learn to brush your teeth well. And how hard it is for parents to find that line between encouraging independence and making sure that the little teeth are brushed well. And just how many times those little teeth would get bumped, chipped, knocked loose, or knocked completely out while the owners are engaged in the business of play.

And only God would come up with the wonderful idea of giving us all two sets of teeth -- one to practice on and grow up with a litte bit, and one to carry us through the rest of life. Honestly, sometimes I wish He would have given us a set or two more, but He didn't ask me. And no matter how good of an idea I think that may be sometimes, I don't pretend that God doesn't know better than me!

So, after a visit to the dentist last week and an opportunity to see some xrays, my fears have been confirmed. I learned that Micah has hit one of his little teeth a few times too many. And there is no way that little tooth is going to make it another three or four more years until the permanent one comes in. And Conner still has at least a year to a year and a half before his front two permanent teeth come in. And more than likely, I will have two prematurely seemingly perpetually snaggle-toothed children. And Joey is well on his way to following in his brothers' footsteps.

As they all sleep with un-brushed teeth yet again, I have found great peace and comfort in the fact that God is so incredibly wise, already taking care of that, forming new little teeth in their gums as we speak. When Micah's little tooth does come out, it's probably still going to be hard on me. I'm sure will make it through that, too though. But seriously, if Joey knocks out one of his teeth before Conner and Micah get their permanent teeth in, and I have three prematurely snaggle-toothed kids to cart around...well...I think we may have to move to the mountains and join the hillbillies. CPS will probably come to investigate, and I will probably feel like the worst mother in the entire world. Lord, please spare me that! :)

Now, if I can just get them to settle down a little bit and keep from knocking out the permanent ones...