Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July Fourth

We went to Lydia and Chris' house (my sister and brother-in-law) Saturday evening to celebrate the fourth. Mom, Dad, MeeMaw, Ira (my brother), and my Aunt Stephy and Uncle Bubba all came too. The sixth was Mom's birthday, and was MeeMaw and PeePaw's 60th wedding anniversary so we had a lot to celebrate! (We sure did miss PeePaw, though...)

We didn't really do anything spectacular, just ate and hung out, watched the kids play in the sprinklers, had helium balloons and cupcakes, shot a few fireworks. But we did get some fun pictures. I know the fam likes to see them:Tire swingin' with Bubba Sudoku with Yogi
Sprinklers Smashing spiderwebs
Chris and Lydia have a great porch with four wooden rocking chairs. Joey loved them.
Chris and Lydia also have a new little puppy, named Ollee.
Joey loved the balloons. (Thank you, Dad for saving the ceiling fan!!) Yummmmmy cupcakes!Even better when washed down with Diet Coke!
The guys played bolo ball
Joey was soooo sleepy.
And after such a fun evening, the rest of us were pretty sleepy, too. We slept well that night! Thanks everybody for a great evening!

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