Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joey's Egg

Dad needed a little help with a couple of projects that he's working on, so we made a quick little trip to Glen Rose last night.

Conner and Micah were too funny. They knew that BooBoo had some Mr. Jim's cheese pizza waiting for them, but they just had to go check the chicken coop for some eggs before they even went in the house. They just really needed some scrambled eggs to go with their pizza! :) And yes, they did find four of them...and yes, Dad was just busting at the seams, he was so proud.

But not to be outdone, Josiah had to join in the fun. When he got around to checking, there was one little egg there waiting for him.

His egg, however, did not make it long enough to find it's fate in the frying pan...

I love days that are relaxed enough so that we can just let them be kids, let them turn everyday objects into science projects, let them teach us to slow down and make some memories.

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BooBoo said...

That (to slow down)seems to be the biggest challenge now days, doesn't it??
...and when we do find it in our hearts to consciously do that, seems as if those mile-a-nanosecond little guys make your "speed" seem like a snail's pace!
Glad this was a time when everyone was able to pause...
word verification (trying to undo my reflective nature, too): "intiesti" --I'm just sure that's French for "in an instant!"

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Hey, we have those fireman pj's too!