Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Night Date Night

A couple of years ago, Bret and I decided that we should have a weekly date night. Nothing too extreme -- usually not even going out. Just a night that we committed to really trying to get the kids to bed early or at least on time, have a "grown-up dinner" together at home, and then try to set aside the laundry and the dishes and the cleaning and the books and the papers and the computers in order to just spend some time together.

I'm proud to say that we have done this consistently for at least two years now. But, as things like this do, we have lately allowed it to be just dinner and have talked ourselves into allowing work on Date Nights.

So, a couple of weeks ago, we recommitted to taking Date Night back to the original idea. As a part of my recommitment, I have decided that if the laundry and the dishes aren't done before dinner, it will be fine for them to wait until Tuesday morning. (This is a big sacrifice for me, I hate waking up to messes!) Also, there will be no blog posts on Mondays -- unless I'm able to post something before the kids eat dinner. (Which, let's face it -- probably won't be happening often!)

So here's to Date Night! Tonight's plan was for Bret to grill, and for us to then play some Guitar Hero on the Wii. But, today was rainy and gloomy, we both have killer headaches, and the kids have just not been very cooperative. Plan B -- black-eyed peas and cornbread, chocolate cake (from the freezer, hooray for leftovers and freezers!) and coffee for dessert, and a grown-up movie from Redbox!

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Lee and Michelle said...

Good for you! Sorry it wasn't plan A . . . We are really bad about an intentional date night.

It's all about the Dodd's said...

Rachel, I LOVE this. You have always had some great ideas and I going to start doing this with Travis. We need to "reconnect" with each other, and if we start doing this, than it make a difference. Thank you so much!!