Saturday, July 18, 2009

School Supplies

I'm a nerd. I get excited about school supplies. I love new markers and crayons and spirals and glue. Nothing can motivate me as I start a new project quite like the purchase of a couple of "needed" things from the school supply aisle.

With that said, I've been looking forward to buying school supplies with Conner for years now. Not the frenzied and crowded week-before-school-starts-and-the-aisles-are-so-full-of-stressed-moms-and-tired/excited-kids-and-so-disheveled-that-you-can't-find-anything shopping. No way. I'm talking about the 38-days-'til-kindergarten-starts-(yes, we're already counting down)-hit-the-stores-before-much-anyone-else-does-so-that-you-can-take-your-time kind of shopping. That is what Conner and I got to do today.

And let me just say, that as excited as I was about this, I just about had my heart broken. I never asked Bret if he wanted to do this with Conner. I never had to. We both knew that this was something that I wanted to do, and that Bret would chill with the little brothers while Conner and I went on a little school supplies shopping date.

But as I talked up the shopping trip, and finally got Conner, Mr.-I-Hate-Running-Errands excited about it, he immediately said, "Oh good. I can't wait 'til Daddy comes home and I get to tell him what we're gonna do tomorrow." :( I told him that would be fun, but that Daddy needed to take care of Micah and Josiah so that we could go, just the two of us. He was very disappointed. "But I want to go with Daddy. It's more fun to go places with him." :(

And can I blame the kid?! No, not really. I do get to take them to fun places all the time. But even so, it's not as fun when I take them because I nearly always have all three kiddos -- which includes Joey. That often limits the cool factor of the things we get to do, as well as the amount of time we get to spend doing it. When Daddy takes them places, he tries to be real intentional about making it a cool thing, something that just Daddy and said kid get to do. Which is great. I want them to do those kinds of things, and I'm so glad that they get to. It just makes me a little sad to know that I'm the boring one...

I dropped it for the rest of the afternoon. But when Bret got home, Conner ran to his Daddy and told him that they were gonna go get school supplies in Daddy's truck, just Daddy and Conner. I could see the shock on Bret's face, as he made the quick glance in my direction to see if this was, in fact, the case. I just shrugged my shoulders. They talked about it, Conner didn't change his mind, and I insisted that if he didn't want to go with me, I certainly didn't want to make him.

Then my Super-Hubby/Dad came up with a great idea. He could take Conner to Academy (one of two "man stores" that I don't get to go to very often) to get the backpack. And then I could take him to WalMart/Target for the other stuff. That sounded like a deal to everyone.

Until this afternoon when it was time to go. Conner just wanted to stay home and let me do it all. He didn't want to come do it if Daddy wasn't coming. :( Then Bret asked if they could go get the backpack first, and Mommy's stuff could be second. Once again, Bret's quick thinking saved both the day, and my increasingly fragile feelings regarding school supplies and my relationship with my oldest child. Thank you, Babe.

So they went to Academy, and Conner came home the proud owner of an Incredible Hulk backback -- which I was pleasantly surprised to learn cost only half of what I was expecting. And my nerdy self was loving that it matched the Incredible Hulk lunch box we already have!
But you guessed it -- when it was time for us to go to WalMart he changed his mind again. He said he'd rather just stay home with Daddy and let me go. :( So I pulled out the best of my Mommy skills...and bribed him with a slushie on the way there. Perfect. Sonic (and our monthly Sonic card donors), I love you.

The shopping trip itself was everything I had hoped it would be. Conner helped me read the list, find the stuff, make sure it was exactly what we were supposed to get. And I mean exactly. When the list called for a 70-page spiral notebook, you'd better know that no cool 80-page spiral would work -- even if it had Batman on it. That was 10 pages too many. So we searched and searched for the 70-page variety, and when the only ones that we could find had flowers on them, Conner was prepared to accept that. After all, it had to have 70 pages. But thankfully, I have no shame. We dug and dug and dug until we found one with a dragon. The best of both worlds. It looks like we've got a good start on the whole "following directions exactly" thing!

So thank you, Bret for being so sweet and creative and flexible in order to make my nerdy and quirky little dream come true. And thank you, Conner for accepting my slushie bribe and making such a sacrificial shopping trip with me. And thank you, Micah and Josiah for taking such wonderfully long naps this afternoon so that it could all happen peacefully. Today was a good Mommy-Day. Now if I can just keep myself out of those brand new shiny and perfectly pointy crayons...


Gammie said...

You have got to start putting "grab the kleenex box" warnings in the title to this kind of post!
I'm so happy to hear that it turned out great for all of you. It's good to know that Bre's quick thinking was used for good :) Great job!
I still can't believe bug is old enough to go to "big kid" school.

Lee and Michelle said...

glad it all worked out! Dads do get a cool factor wrap sometimes! Gotta love it even when it hurts a bit!

Lydia said... feelings would be hurt a little too - but thanks goodness he has a daddy he loves!

BooBoo said...

What an emotional roller coaster day! Glad it turned out like you'd dreamed it'd be...even though it took some jury-rigging to get there! And, oh, my! You better hang on to the Conner in the shopping basket picture. It may be one of the last like that!
I'm so proud of you, Bret and your boys. To borrow Heather's words, I'm "a blessed mom!"

Heidi said...

Torie and I have always gone BY OURSELVES to do her school shopping. I thought about having it all done before Hudson's arrival, but told Chris later I think it will be something good for us to do together (by ourselves) after he arrives. Hopefully I will feel up to it before the craziness of school shopping starts. I'm with you...I hate to go when it looks like a tornatdo has hit the isle!