Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gammie's and Poppy's

As promised, pics and tales from our stay with Gammie and Poppy last week:

First rattle out of the bat, we got to go to Churck E. Cheese! This is something we get to do with Gammie and Poppy fairly often. But we haven't gotten to the past several times that we've seen them, so this was an extra-special, long-anticipated treat.There is a game that Conner likes to play there. It's a shooting game, one that doesn't even earn any tokens. But he loves it, and he spends nearly his whole time at Chuck E. Cheese's playing this game. We have about a hundred ka-trillion pictures of it, and they all look the here's Conner enjoying another important part of Chuck E. Cheese's, eating pizza!And sweet lil' Cousin Kaleb took a nap. :)Then we were up and at 'em early the next morning. We were headed to The Bounce! This was the first time we had been since Joey could walk. He had a blast.We were playing so hard that we of course had to stop for a nutricious snack -- Sprite, cotton candy, Nerds, and Cheetoes.And guess what sweet lil' Cousin Kaleb did? That's right -- he took another nap!
We had lunch at Chick-fil-a, and then we got to go bac to Gammie's to just chill.

Thank you, thank you Gammie and Poppy for spoiling us, and giving us such a nice break from the same ol', same ol' at home while Bret was at school!!


BooBoo said...

Great times, great people!
(Kaleb sure is growing!)

Gammie said...

It was sooo much fun! Even though I really wasn't able to get all the pics I wanted. Like the ones of Rach playing in the obstacle course with Joey and Micah. Most all of my pics were to dark :( but, I had fun watching and hearing all the giggles :)