Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dinosaur World

One good thing about Bret being gone for the past several weeks -- the grandparents are all spoiling us rotten!!

We went to Gammie and Poppy's last week, and visited Chuck E. Cheese, The Bounce, and Chick-fil-a. (I'll try to get some pics of that up in a few days...)

Yesterday and today we were at BooBoo and Yogi's, where I got to go out with some old friends, the kids played on the Water Park, and we all got to go to Dinosaur World today.

Dinosaur World is a new little theme park thing just outside of Dinosaur Valley State Park. The brothers got to go with BooBoo and Yogi last summer, and have been asking to go again ever since.

We had the best time, and the weather simply could not have been better! The first thing that we did was the Dinosaur Walk. There is a path that goes into the woods, with all kinds of life-size dinosaurs "hidden" in the trees.Conner did a fantastic job of reading the signs for us. He used the pronunciation guide very well, and we were so thankful that he was able to tell us which ones were the meat-eaters. We really tried to stay away from them!

At one point, we saw something that we knew just couldn't be quite right. There was a meat-eater with lots of sharp teeth -- but he had some grass and twigs hanging out of his mouth. We wondered if it might be a bird's nest, and what kind of bird would be so silly to build her nest in a mouth full of sharp teeth!

So, as everyone else moved on to the next dinosaur, I stepped over the rope to take a closer look. Sure enough, it was definitely a bird's nest. As I paused to take a picture, Conner looked back and saw that I had gone across the rope. Now, he had been our super-duper sign-reader, and he knew what all of the rules were. I got in trouble for disobeying the signs... Oops.Then we came upon a neat scene. There was a Mommy Brachiosaurus who was letting her babies drink at a pond...and a T-Rex was about to attack!

So, being the concerned bystanders that we were, we decided to try and cause a distraction by feeding the goldfish in the pond...

...and that was so fun that we kind of forgot about the T-Rex. Sorry baby brachiosaurs!

We went through the museum when the dinosaur walk was done, and saw all kinds of fossils and dinosaur skeletons.

And then it was time for the fossil dig. Everyone got a sand sifter and a cup. You could dig and sift for ten minutes and find as many fossils as you could. Then you got to pick out your favorite three and take them home!By then we were tired, we were thirsty, and we were hungry. So we took a break to eat lunch, and wrapped up our time playing on the dinosaur playground.We thought we had made it out without any mishaps...and then a T-Rex caught Micah and Conner!
But not to fear -- Josiah to the rescue!We had a super-fun time. Thanks, Mom and Dad!


Bret Wells said...

those are GREAT pictures! I'm so ready to be home...just a few more hours - less than 24!!!!

Now I've just got to finish this last stinking paper...

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Sounds like Grant and Conner enjoy being "rule monitors". If I break a rule, (or go through a yellow light, or maybe even slowly roll through a stop sign) I am sure to hear about it from Rule Man. And, Wow! You guys went to the dino park in this heat? I am impressed.

BooBoo said...

So glad you were able to retrieve the pictures off of my camera! (...at least, I'm assuming you did!) It was a wonderful time and you did a great job of chronicle-ing it. We were glad that the WellsBrothers Mother could come join in the fun, too...
Love, MOM pfu,wpfy

Gammie said...

That looks like a great place! I wish we had stuff like that out here in the woods...ummm, maybe not...it would only have snakes, coyotes and mountain lions in it ;)