Saturday, June 20, 2009


Conner and Micah both really like to use scissors. It's something that they have to ask to do -- I keep the scissors out of reach for a multitude of reasons.

But when they ask, they rarely actually want to cut something out. They hardly ever need the scissors in order to make a craft. Usually they just want to cut. A large piece of paper into smaller pieces of paper. Many, many, many much smaller pieces of paper. I don't know, maybe it's an outlet for some of their little boy destructiveness...but either way, it certainly keeps them busy for awhile!

It takes a lot of concentration to cut paper into that many tiny pieces. (And apparently some flexibility!)
And the surrounding area nearly always ends up looking something like this:
But here's what I think is the real reason a mess must be made. I insist that they clean it up, and what better way to clean tiny pieces of paper up off the floor than with a broom?

And then of course, I have to go behind them and finish cleaning it up. As frustrating as it can be though, if I can remember how long the cutting kept them quiet and busy, it's usually worth it! :)


BooBoo said...

Bless you for allowing them to develop those fine motor skills--even if it makes a mess! You are also teaching responsibility goes along with privileges...That's good, too. Your just a great little Mama!
Love you! YOUR mom

Gammie said...

I love it! :)