Sunday, June 28, 2009


Today was a good day.

After much prayerful discernment, our house church that meets on Sunday evenings has grown and matured and this evening we took a huge step. We have sent a family out -- into the community, to meet their neighbors, to be Christ to the hurting -- with the intent of starting a new house church!

We had a good time of worship this evening -- the kind that can only be had with a house full of ten kids ages six and under. :) We prayed, we sent, we ate spaghetti.

(This, by the way, one of the girls who says she is gonna marry Conner someday. Conner goes along with it, and usually agrees with whatever she -- or whichever girl he is playing with at the time -- says he is going to do. (Yes, those are good husband skills ;), but not necessarily good life skills and something we are working on!) Conner would probably be upset if he saw that Micah was in this picture with Amaya instead of himself!)

Thank you, Lord for answering our prayers in this way. Please bless our efforts, let our neighbors see You in our lives. Put us in close contact with those who are so desperately in need of You.

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Lee and Michelle said...

I am praying along with you that God will use your group in great ways!