Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Cherry Festival

The other day, Mrs. Debbie (our neighbor) caught us as she was on her way out. She had just gotten the grocery ads and discovered that cherries were on sale at Kroger. She was on her way to get some, did we want her to get some for us, too? How funny – Micah had actually been asking for cherries. “Yes, we’d love some!”

When she got back, we didn’t even make it in the door before we started eating them. Man, oh man, were those yummy cherries! We ended up just sitting on the front porch making little piggies of ourselves for a little while…until it was time to get ready to go to a bbq at the Chappotin’s. “But Mom, we’re eating cherries. We don’t want to go.” I insisted that we had to go in and get cleaned up a little bit. “Can we please just take some cherries with us then? They’re just so good, I think they will like them, too.” Sure.

But then in the hustle and bustle of getting everyone cleaned up and getting together all of our food, we forgot the cherries. Micah remembered the minute we pulled up at the Chappotin’s. It took me a minute to figure out what all the pitiful wails coming from the backseat were about. Apparently this was quite a tragedy. So we decided that we would just invite the Chappotin’s to come have lunch and cherries with us the next day. Problem solved.

Then the next morning, as the anticipation built, “lunch with friends” somehow became a “cherry festival.” The funny thing is, that when Heidi and Ryan and Torie got here, pretty much all the talk about cherries disappeared. They got busy playing, and then when it was time for lunch, they ended up eating way more grapes than they did cherries.

But then it was time for our friends to go home…things got boring again…and the cherry talk started up again. I was in the bedroom folding clothes or something when I realized that things had gotten kind of quiet. When I went to investigate, I found the Cherry Festival in full swing.

Conner and Micah had helped themselves to the bowl of cherries in the fridge, and apparently they ended up having to hide from The Monster (Joey). So they got under the table. Now, our kitchen is kind of booby-trapped right now. I can’t keep “sweet” Josiah from climbing onto the chairs and then onto the table. The table we are using right now is borrowed from a friend. It’s one of the kinds that has leaf extensions, and I’m scared to death that Joey crawling around on top of the table will break it, and as a result break him. The chairs we are using, however, are ours, and they don’t exactly fit with the table. We can’t push the chairs on the ends of the table in. I can’t keep Joey out of those chairs so they live in the living room.

Now, in order to keep the monster from getting them, the big brothers had to figure out how to block the open ends of the table. Micah pushed the Bat Cave up against one end, and Conner brought one of the chairs from the living room in for the other end. So this is what I found under the table: ...and this is what I found on top of the table: You can’t really see them in this picture, but there are napkins all over the floor. Sooo…I took Joey and went to lay him down for a nap. (It seems that the more tired he gets, the more mischievous and destructive he gets – and it was time, anyway.) Then the Cherry Festival went on in peace as I re-Joey-proofed the kitchen.

Who knew cherries could be so much fun?!


Heidi said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of the Cherry Festival! Since last Thursday, cherries have been sounding so good....I almost bought some this past week when I went grocery shopping.

BooBoo said...

love it when the simple things in life become great adventures...all in perspective!!
...also love Joey's pose of victory! The big boys think they've won, but I don't believe Joey's convinced of that!