Tuesday, June 2, 2009

An Update From Bret

Hello everyone.

I'm feeling a bit out of my league having the audacity to post something on the illustrious and incomparable WellsBrothers blog, but I have an update that may be of interest to the millions of faithful readers.

Rachel has been hard at work on several posts following our crazy trip to my parents' house and Bryan/College Station for Adam and Caroline's wedding.

However, when we got home Monday night her internet wasn't working (AT&T air card). So she's been hard at work today getting new service setup at the house. We aren't going to have the air card anymore, but we are going to have high speed internet at the house...in a couple days.

So until then, feel free to catch up on old posts - take a stroll down memory lane, if you will. Or you can use this time to think about how empty your life is without the humorous ramblings of the WellsBrother'sMother. Then you can leave a comment here so that when Rachel logs back on she'll finally be forced to accept just how amazing we all think she is!

just a little taste of some of the great pictures we got from the wedding...


Lydia said...

I love you Rachel - Any lady who can save a flaming mansion is definately out of the ordinary one hundred percent fantastic!

Rachel said...

I'm sitting in the parking lot at Denny's, pirating their free wifi. (But I'm not feeling too guilty about it since Bret is such a loyal customer!) I'm desperately trying to catch up on my email and pay a few bills before my battery runs out...and I found out that my man has done this for me. You are the bomb, babe. Just when I think I couldn't possibly love you any more than I already do, you go and prove me wrong!

And yes -- there is a story involving flames and a mansion...

BooBoo said...

Oh, wow, Rach! You look absolutely beautiful in that picture...& I love Micah's outstretched legs...looks like "I can't be still....might go to sleep..." That storm before the calm...I know you had a taste of that all weekend! Love, MOM