Saturday, June 27, 2009

Trapping a Monster

One day a few months ago, just before Josiah started walking, Conner and Micah were tired of him getting into all of their stuff. So they trapped him. It was quite easy really -- they just got him into a corner and then pushed a little stuffed toddler chair in front of him. The deed was done, Josiah could not get out without the help of his mama.Well, this morning Conner and Micah were again feeling the need to "trap the monster." They've been trying for awhile, but this monster has mastered both walking and climbing since the last time they successfully trapped him. But today they got it. It took a much bigger, much heavier chair -- and lots of pillows -- and a few toys (that you can't see in the picture) on the seat of the chair to keep him from climbing on it.But as you can see, the fearless trappers kind of ended up trapping themselves in the process. And the monster doesn't look too sad about being trapped.

That's because, as the amused but knowing-better mama figured -- the monster really wasn't trapped. He let them think that he was...but as soon as they moved on to something else...he just knocked the toys off of the chair, climbed up, slid down, and was out.

The trappers were shocked and disappointed...

...but I'm betting they'll try again. And I'm kind of hoping they'll be successful someday! :)

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BooBoo said...

Ain't it great when they can entertain themselves and play together joyfully? Granted, on the surface I guess the 2 bigger boys are ganging up against the little one...but like you said, it looks like they're all having fun!
Happy Saturday-I-know-you're-glad-the-hubby-is-back day! Love, MOM