Monday, June 22, 2009

May Memories

Better late than never...

Gotta love that sweet little face!What a handsome little man!Hide-and-seek Micah loves to swing.
Conner becomes a bigger helper everyday. Like father, like son. Classic. Yogi always has ice cream. And he always shares.Micah is a great garden-helper. The ring-bearers At our house church meeting one night, the kids were playing "jail." At one point, all three Wellsbrothers were incarcerated. It was beautiful. ;)
Some of my Favorite Quotes:

In the dressing room, trying on a dress. Micah says, "Mom you are boo-tiful!" In the dressing room, dress off, putting my jeans back on. "Mom, you're not boo-tiful anymore."

Just after Micah finished planting tomato seeds with his daddy, "I want to plant some hot dog seeds now!"
After going to the potty, Micah walked out without flushing. Bret told him he needed to go back and flush. "No," Micah said, " I don't need to flush. Tee-tee is just water." I guess he just randomly decided that, because he was flushing the day before!

Anytime Conner finds Joey in the bathroom or climbing up the bunk bed ladder, it's a "Red Alerkt! Red Alerkt!" (I don't know why the word "alert" has a "k" in it...he insists that that's the way to say it, though...
Conner, to Micah: "I'm bigger than you."
Micah: "I know."
Conner, after a moment of stunned and disappointed silence: "But we usually fight when I say that."

Some of Joey's favorite words: uh-oh, mama, ni-ni (night-night), day-doo (thank you, which for awhile served more for "please" than "thank you" :)), bubble, Bible, soft (as in, "No no no, Joey. We don't hit. You have to be soft."), Daddy, puppy


Bret Wells said...

Its funny, I heard most of these quotes in person, but I still anxiously await the end of the month post! Thanks for chronically our life babe!

Heidi said...

Thanks for sharing! Can you believe it's almost the end of June?? How does the summer go by so quickly??

BooBoo said...

so nice to see the month-in-review!