Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Egg

We went to Mom's and Dad's last weekend. There's always something cool and exciting going on there. We just never necessarily know what it's gonna be...

Well this time, we had to go straight to the chicken house. Even before we got to go in and go potty. It was later in the day, so it had cooled down to "just" 102 or something, and we stayed out and explored for a little while.

It's been about time for these chickens to be laying for several weeks now, but so far nothing. Dad's had plenty of time to rig up an easily accessible nest for them, and Mom was very excited to show it to me.

She was just telling me how they've been checking for eggs diligently, but nothing yet. Micah wanted to see what we were looking at, and Mom decided to humor him, let him look, explain what would be there someday.But lo and behold, Micah found the very first egg!!But, while everyone knew that this was very became obvious that we didn't all know why this was exciting. Eggs that come from the store are for eating. Eggs that come from chickens turn into baby chicks. Apparently, with these obvious facts came the conclusion that this type of egg was neither of those. It didn't come from the store. The mama chicken wasn't sitting on it. But it was an egg in the chicken coop. This must mean that we're supposed to throw it on the ground for the chickens to eat. You know, like the kitchen scraps and the quail eggs.

After a few times of hitting the ground and being pecked by the chickens, The Egg had luckily not yet broken, and Conner and Micah seemed to finally understand. Then Joey got ahold of it......and it still survived! This was one special egg -- we simply must scramble it for breakfast in the morning!

But it was not time to go back inside yet. First we had to catch a chicken and pet it.The rooster was a little mean and agressive though -- and a little scary. (Look at Micah.)So we decided to go visit the more friendly, much younger chickens. Then the next morning, we got ready to cook The Egg. Since it was the very first one, it was pretty small, and Dad had warned us that it might not even have a yolk. But it was perfect. We were so excited! Conner and Micah gobbled it right up.
And the best part? "That egg was really good. But I'm still hungry."

"Yeah. We need to go out and find some more."

Yeah, that broke Dad's heart! :)

They didn't find any more, and BooBoo had to just scramble some eggs from the store. But they were still good. And so is this memory.


BooBoo said...

Good news! There was another egg yesterday! (Thanks for telling the story so nicely with pictures--and words!)

Heidi said...

Cute story!

Amy said...

Farm fresh eggs are great!! And they are somehow so much darker than the eggs from the store! How exciting for the boys!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Your parents have the PERFECT place for grandsons to visit. What little boy wouldn't be in heaven there?? What sweet memories they are making!