Thursday, February 11, 2010

Record-Breaking Snow

It's been snowing today. It's been snowing all day today, for about 18 hours now. DFW has had nearly nine inches of snow, and they're expecting it to continue snowing for another hour and half or so.

But even so, we still had school today. I felt so bad sending the kids to school when there was three inches of snow, the picture-perfect, just-right-for-making-snowballs-and-snowmen kind, on the ground this morning. But, I was so glad that Conner is well enough to go to school. The strep throat seems to be gone, and he's handling the mono like a champ so far.

Always skeptical, and worried that the snow might be too slushy and melted to play in when they got home, I built a snowman for them as a surprise. That way at least they would be able to see a snowman. (With carrots for his nose and now-very-soggy-Oreos for his eyes.)

Boy was I wrong! Like I said, it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed today. It did get up to 34, and some of it started dripping and falling off the trees. But it was coming down much quicker than it was melting.

So we played in it. And played and played and played and played!

Yes, you're fixing to see tons of pictures...but hey, this was the most snowfall in one day in history for us! Bret and I have been talking with Conner and Micah, telling them to make sure and try really hard to remember this. They will probably be telling their kids about "that time that we got all that snow" -- talking about this very day. They may never see snow like this again in Texas. And we think it's kind of cool that while we get to watch them experience this for the first time -- they get to watch us experience it for the first time, too!

Our Winter Wonderland (At about 9 am this morning. We've had about 15 hours of steady snow -- six inches or more since then. I hope to have some more pictures tomorrow!):

Wouldn't you know the first thing they wanted to do to the snowman I had built for them is knock it down?!

Throwing snowballs. (I missed the biggest snowball fight, though. Joey really wasn't too crazy about the snow, and we had already gone inside.)

Snow angels:

Really, Joey just didn't know what to think.

Here's my attempt at recording the amount in an artsy way. The ruler shows four inches on the ground, but by that point, officially we had had about six inches of snow fall. The just-above-freezing temps had caused the snow to melt and compact itself a little bit. That's Bret and the boys building a snowman in the background.

Micah loved to walk around in the clean snow and then turn around and look at all of his footprints.Dump truck:

Catching snow on his tongue. Conner actually held up the carline at school both during dropoff and pickup today, because he was too busy trying to catch snow on his tongue to walk. :)

Bret built a snowman with the boys, too.

We had tons of fun playing in this historic snow today...but all that fun resulted in two extra loads of laundry for me...and I'm guessing we'll do it again tomorrow... :)

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Bonnie said...

seems like it may be a once in a childhood experience here in Texas...seems like I remember once we had enough snow to build snow forts, etc., here in GR while you all were kids...but just once. Glad you got so many good pictures and glad the boys got to finally experience the snow angels, snowmen and snowball fights for real...I know they'd had a token earlier in the season, but I don't think there's any denying this is the real thing! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Lydia said...

it was so sweet of you to build a snowman for them!! I started laughing when i pictured you out there all by yourself - or fighting joey - trying to build that oh-so-cute-snowman. We too tones of pictures too this morning. there aren't any precious kids in them, but it's just beautiful snow. love you sis - and glad your children got to see the REAL snow!!

Lee and Michelle said...

How fun! Crazy that schools were closed here because of a chance of snow and in TX you actually had snow and schools were still open. Everyone here is in Superbowl and Mardi Gras mode and no one wants to work ;) Hope the boys continue to enjoy the snow. Sledding pictures tomorrow????

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Oh, WOW! The pictures you and Heather posted of the snow days are just gorgeous! I am so (lovingly) jealous that you guys got to enjoy the mounds of snow with your little guys. I love the dump truck pic. That's exactly what Grant would've done. Not shocked that Joey didn't know what to think. It's not every day snowfall like that is seen in Texas! Glad Conner is hanging in there with the mono and was able to enjoy the rare occasion of a winter wonderland! Good luck with with the snow laundry.