Saturday, February 13, 2010

Joey's First Trip to the ER

I was in Conner and Micah's room making the bed on the top bunk. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Joey running out of the room. I saw him trip over a toy, I saw him fall on the a/c vent on the floor...I heard "that" cry. You parents know what I'm talking about -- the cry that means that it's more than just the normal owie, the one that makes you drop everything and go running.

I scooped him up, and with one glance knew that we were probably going to be on our way to the ER in a few minutes. When we got him calmed down and got a good look at it, we saw a triangular-shaped cut on his knee that didn't look pretty, but didn't look too awful either. And then we bent his knee...which made the flap lay wide open. We knew there was no way he would be careful with it and not bust it open every ten minutes.

So we called Uncle Robert. Can I just get a shout-out for Uncle Robert and Aunt Jodi? They live here in Burleson, about fifteen minutes away -- and they are always so willing to help us out however and whenever they can. Last night Jodi was at work, but Robert was so sweet to drop everything and (as soon as he found his truck under all the snow) come stay with Conner and Micah so that both Bret and I could go with Joey. We appreciate them so much, and are so very thankful!

Ugly as it was, Joey's owie didn't really seem to be hurting him much. Other than just after the fall, there were no tears. We got to the ER, went through triage, got a room, and Joey was more than ready to show his band-aid off to anyone who wanted to see it.

But then he got tired of that, and we managed to get him to take a little nap. Believe it or not, he actually slept through the doctor taking off the band-aid, examining the wound, and (even though she said it would sting a little and probably wake him up) the nurse cleaning it out.

The doctor had decided that Dermabond (the super glue stuff they sometimes use instead of stitches) would be our best bet. Sounded good to me -- waaaay easier than stitches! It wasn't until that glue actually started getting in his little owie that he woke up. And let me tell you Josiah was not happy about the situation he found himself in! But with three of us holding him down, and the doctor gluing as fast as he could we made it. Barely though, because then we had to hold his leg straight for five or ten minutes longer to let the glue get good and dry. Miserable.

But finally, after three hours in the Huguley ER, a preventative prescription for amoxicillin in my purse, and a very sleepy and still-a-little-angry baby in my arms, we made our way out to the van and then home.

This morning when Joey woke up, I asked him about his owie. He scrunched up his face and said, "Yeah, owie." I asked him to show it to me, and bless his heart, I guess it wasn't bothering him too much -- he started looking for it on his tummy, and then the right leg, and then the wrong part of his left leg before he finally found it. :)

A little while later though, he started telling me that it hurt and I gave him some Motrin. And then...I kid you not...two hours after he woke up, the Motrin apparently doing it's job well, the crazy kid jumped off the couch, landed on his knees, and busted the Dermabond open.

We looked at the paperwork that the ER had given us and there was no mention of what to do if the Dermabond breaks. Apparently it doesn't really happen! So we cleaned it up, waited for the bleeding to stop, and put some liquid band-aid over the split. Hopefully that will work good enough -- the flap is still glued down, it's just little split we're dealing with now... (And FYI - Parkland-ER-Nurse-Aunt-Jodi said that was the right thing to do!)

Not long after that we loaded up the boys and all their stuff -- Conner with mono, an antibiotic (a few days to go from last weekend's strep throat) and some tabasco-sauced band-aids (for his thumb at night -- he's trying to stop sucking it), Joey with a busted and rebusted knee and an antibiotic, and Micah much faster and stronger now that he's four -- to go spend the long weekend with Gammie and Poppy.

So now Bret and I are home alone, enjoying a much needed break, hoping Joey's knee stays glued together (and Bret secretly hoping that when it heals, the scar will still look like the "J" that it is now), hoping Conner doesn't have a mono flair-up, hoping four-year-old faster and stronger Micah is immune to his brothers' sickness and injuries, hoping Gammie and Poppy make it through the weekend...and sitting on the couch blogging instead of cleaning up the melting-snow-mud that I had planned to be cleaning while I was in the ER last night, and has only gotten worse since then... :)

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Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

Ya, you for sure live with boys. Only boys would bust open a freshly bandaged wound by roughing and tumbling. I can just imagine your frustration. Well, thank goodness for family that can help out at a moment's notice and for Motrin = the Wonder Drug. One in the E.R., one with mono - - hang in there!

A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

OH. MY. WORD. What an ordeal. Good job on knowing what to do after he busted it open - I would have been at a loss!

Bonnie said...

It IS a circus, huh?
...and, unfortunately, that icy, snowy, mud mess was still there after you have your "relax" on the couch, wasn't it?
Glad you're getting a "breather" after all that excitement...Love you, my super daughter/mom!

Heidi said...

I hope the liquid bandaid makes it through Gammmie and Poppy's??

Lee and Michelle said...

WOW! I'm amazed how you keep it together! yeah for extended families much needed and delivered help!