Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Okay, so...I have this awesome brand-new camera...and access to a breath-taking winter wonderland outside my doors...and a hubby home this morning to watch the I went for a walk in the snow this morning, just me and my camera.

I was really excited to have this opportunity. But as I came back in the house after my little walk, I told Bret I was disappointed. It wouldn't matter what kind of camera you had, there's absolutely no way to capture what my eyes had just beheld.

But I did my best, and thought I'd share. Even now, as I'm going through these pictures, with the remnants of the snow dripping off my roof outside -- remnants, I might add, that on their own a couple of months ago I would have thought was a really big snow -- I can't believe that this is really what we woke up to Friday morning. Here's a few of my favorite pictures:

And of course, we all went out a little while later and played in it... (Sorry Michelle -- no sledding. We didn't really have a good place to do that. :)

First time we've ever had to use a broom to get the snow off the car!The snow was up to Joey's knees, a little above in some places!Joey, having seen Conner and Micah laying in the snow making snow angels so many times, finally decided to plop right down next to Micah and "help."Micah on the left digging a "tunnel," Joey on the right now totally obsessed with making snow angels.Joey also discovered that snow is "uh-wish-us" (delicious)!"Mom, Conner's throwing snowballs at me!"Look how big my snowball is!Conner waited patiently for Mr. Ron to wake up and share a "surprise" with him...

Yay, snow! It was so beautiful, and I think I will remember this snow just as much as I remember the time my siblings and I built an eight-foot-tall-or-so creepy snowman with lemon eyes, which got iced over that night, and then lasted for about two weeks. And now it's melting. Melting snow is so sad...and messy...I should probably go wash some cold and wet clothes and mop the muddy kitchen floor... :)

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Bonnie said...

...Your last sentiment was about like my observation yesterday as we were riding along and seeing the remnants of the snow...As beautiful a picture as the world presents with a freshly-fallen snow, it's about as equally as ugly in it's undoing stage...It just kinda looks a wreck...Glad we've got pictures of the lovely part...yours are super, by the way!

Heidi said...

Your camera captured some really beautiful things!!