Thursday, March 11, 2010

Open House with a Character Student

Conner came home from school today very excited. He was chosen as a Character Student at school, for displaying good character traits. What an honor!
Along with his certificate, he got a pencil, a pencil sharpner, and a coupon for a free kid's meal at IHOP. So of course, we got to have IHOP for dinner tonight. :)

Tonight was also Open House and Book Fair Night at Conner's school. It worked out just right, we went right from IHOP to the school It was the first time we had ever done this, so I was really excited to meet some of his teachers (like music, art, PE, etc...) for the first time, and see what he has been up to in class.

I knew that they had been learning about Dr. Seuss for the last couple of weeks, but man oh man, I wasn't expecting quite the all-out-Dr-Seuss-ness that was awaiting us! On Conner's place at his table, there was a little list of "Things to See at Open House." Pretty much everything that we had talked about doing was on it, and then some. Conner, being the super little reader that he is, was also quite the tour guide!

We didn't get to meet quite everyone that I had hoped, but it was a good evening all the same. We got to visit with Mrs. Scarpello, see a lot of Conner's work, visit with some of his friends and their parents, and got a couple of books at the book fair.

Conner Bug, what a great evening you provided for us! We're proud of you!

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Bonnie said...

What cute Dr. Seus-ness, as you say...that explains Conner's comment about a book we were reading the other night: "Hey, that rhymes, and it isn't even Dr. Seuss!"

Bonnie said...

and word verification is:

a lot like Seuss, don't you think?