Thursday, March 4, 2010

Silly Sock Day

In honor of the letter "S," today was Silly Sock Day at Micah's preschool. He remembers when Conner got to do this last year, and he's been looking forward to his turn for a long time now.

Micah is actually kind of into socks, and wears silly socks nearly everyday. He's got some Madagascar socks, and several pairs of Spidermans and Transformers that he really likes. But his very favorite socks ever are the ones that he got one time while he was at Gammie's house about a year ago. They look like Mike Wazowsky from Monsters, Inc. But the reason they are my favorites is because Micah calls them his "Mouse Ka Owsky" socks. :)

So, no surprise, it was Mouse Ka Owsky that Micah wanted to wear today. They're pretty hard to see with your shoes on, so we made sure to roll up his jeans and let him wear easy-to-take-off-and-show-off-your-socks-and-then-put-them-back-on-again crocs. But then when he got to school, Mrs. Summer said that he didn't have to wear shoes today except at recess. Exciting stuff!!!

I think Silly Sock Day of course ended up being a hit. Micah came home with a Letter S Bag, full of things that begin with "S" -- including Skittles, Starburst, and a sucker. He also made a very cool sock puppet. What a fun day! I'm pretty sure he will remember what letter "silly" and "sock" begin with now! :)

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Lee and Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun day and a great school!

Bonnie said...

very precious little boy there!