Sunday, August 23, 2009


I am truly proud of myself. I needed to take a break from something, and I actually did it. I've missed my blogging terribly, and I'm probably going to be hating myself when I get back into this and have to play catch-up. There is calmness (or at least calm-er-ness) on the horizon though, if I can just make it there...

But, while I've taken a blogging Sabbath, life has certainly not sabbathed with me. Among other things, the air conditioner has gone out, the refrigerator has quit, my camera has broken, my kids are having birthdays, we've been preparing to start school. Life has not taken a break.

One of the most significant happenings in the past couple of weeks has been the loss of my MeeMaw. Nearing a break from a strong and courageous fight with lung cancer, she fell and broke her hip, contracted pneumonia, and simply did not have the strength and energy required to recover from something like that.

My MeeMaw was a special lady. In regards to influential women in my life she was second only to my mother -- who was of course also heavily influenced by her. She taught me to be a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a mother-in-law and grandmother someday...and she taught me to be a Christian and do all of this while putting Christ first in my life. She taught me to sew, she taught me to be crafty, she taught me to teach, she taught me to love sacrificially. She was the candy-lady at church and all-in-all the very best grandma a little girl -- and a grown woman -- could ask for.

When we moved to Louisiana over three years ago, we went to visit all of my grandparents one more time. I knew then that it was possible that I would never see them again. And I actually began to mourn before they were gone. As it turned out, I obviously did get to see them again. But with months and years in between visits, failing health became more and more blaringly obvious. PeePaw left us before we made it back to Texas, and the MeeMaw that we came home to was certainly only a shadow of the one we had left. But now she was living with Mom and Dad, and we got to see her a lot more often, enough that my kids really did get a chance to know her. I am so very thankful for that.

MeeMaw was one of The Wellsbrothers' biggest fans. She and PeePaw are a large part of the reason that this blog became the animal that it did. For awhile, eagerly checking the blog for new stories and pictures was one of the first things that MeeMaw did every morning. And I did my best to rarely disappoint. She was diligent to print every post and every picture, and did her very best to keep up, putting them all into a scrapbook for me. At some point she fell behind, and never did quite catch up getting them all into the book. But every post has been printed. I look forward to completing that book in the coming months as I mourn her loss.

Ironically, the night I decided that I really should take a break from the blogging was the same night that MeeMaw fell and broke her hip. She never made it back home from that, and I don't know...since she was one of my biggest fans and motivaters, it seems kind of appropriate that the blog paused as she slowed down, and eventually breathed her last.

My Sabbath is not completely over. Life is still throwing me for a loop right now. But there are a few things coming up this week that I simply will not be able to not blog tonight, going through old pictures with family, I just had to sit down and sort out my thoughts.

MeeMaw, I love you, and am missing you already.

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Lee and Michelle said...

I am so sorry that your Meemaw is not physically with you. It sounds like many were blessed and guided by her giving hand. I lost my beloved Grandmother my first year of college. I miss her so often but know God has plans for each breath we take. I'll be praying for your family during this hard time. Much love!

CB said...

Oh, Rachel, I am so sorry. I know how much you would talk about your MeeMaw and how much you loved her. I will be praying for you! I know this must be so hard for you. I am glad you had your family near you. Hugs!

Bonnie said...

beautifully said, sweet girl, beautifully said...

Amy said...

I am soo there. I've been taking a sabbath too. Somehow writing about my life doesn't seem as important as just living it and soaking it up right now. The unfortunate thing, is that while I've been taking a break from my writing, I also have not checked in on all my fellow bloggers, so I didn't know about your MeeMaw. My heart goes out to you. I'm right there with you. and I love you.