Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Smart Turtle

On our way back to Gammie and Poppy's house from Jamie's wedding, we passed a big ol' turtle on the county road. And being into nature as we are lately, Bret of course stopped and picked it up.

We put it down in the yard and tried to keep all the kids away from it, figuring it would venture out eventually.

And even though we didn't completely keep the kids away from it,we did a pretty good job and were out there long enough that we just knew that it would come out in time. They nearly always do, don't they? Nope, not this turtle. I'm telling you, I think we were out there for an hour or more, and that turtle only barely peeked his head out once. I guess he could tell from all the little crazies in the background that he'd be better off waiting it out rather than making a run for it. That's one smart turtle - he was probably right.

Maybe it was because the one time he did stick his head out, Joey saw it and came running, waving his golf-clubs-turned-swords in the air and yelling, "Now we fight togethah!"

Bret watched it after we all went in. A few minutes after the door shut the last time, he said it went trucking off into the garden.

Like I said, one smart turtle. :)
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Rachel said...

"now we fight togethah" - made my day!! hilarious!!

Bonnie said...

yea, a smart turtle...
think I know who would win that battle...