Friday, May 28, 2010

Moms Are So Sweet and Dads are BIG and STRONG!

Micah's end of the year preschool program was last night. It kind of snuck up on me...I thought it was just a pre-K graduation and didn't realize that Micah's class had a part in it until Tuesday. Oops.

Until recently, Micah didn't like singing - he didn't like to sing himself, and he still doesn't like for anyone else to sing to him. But over the past few months he's started to branch out and we'll catch him singing every now and then. So I was really excited at the opportunity to see him sing on stage with his friends.

I didn't get a great picture of it, but he was so cute walking into the big auditorium with his class, searching the audience for us. The moment he found us was unmistakable - the expression on his face was priceless.
He spent the first several songs singing, but too busy alternating between proudly looking at us and acting shy to do the hand motions.But then we got to one of his favorite songs, about "Moms are so sweet and Dads are BIG and STRONG." He got into that one and had a lot of fun with it!Then he got his prize from Mrs. Belinda (a stuffed lamb that he immediately gave to me because it had a pink bow on it) and a certificate from Mrs. Summer.Then we were off to Braum's with BooBoo and Yogi to celebrate with ice cream. Micah Moo, we're so proud of you! I just can't believe that next year is your last year of preschool...

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Bonnie said...

That's one sweet little singing voice when he lets you hear it! Love you, little Moo!