Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Interesting Combinations

Bret performed a wedding ceremony last weekend. It was for his long-time best friend, Jamie. They were friends in high school, they were roommates at ACU, they've stayed in touch even though we've moved all around Texas and Louisiana and he's moved around between Chicago and Michigan.

Actually, this was Jamie and Sofiya's third wedding ceremony. You see, Sofiya is from Bulgaria. So she and Jamie got married with a justice of the peace in Michigan (to make legal matters easier), just before they went to Bulgaria over Christmas for the "real" wedding. Then they had this wedding celebration with a mini ceremony here in Texas for all of Jamie's friends and family.
Bret was really excited to see Jamie. They hadn't seen one another in several years, and Bret had never even met Sofiya. It was a happy reunion. Though the picture is dark and not very clear (hopefully there's a super-zoom-type-camera lens somewhere in my (probably not-so-very-near) future!), you can see what fun they're having.And let me just tell you - this wedding was the most interesting combination of European Bulgaria and Backwoods Iola, Texas you've ever seen! For starters, tt was in a small-town community meeting hall, decorated with handmade Bulgarian flowers.

While we feasted on some Bulgarian hors d'oeuvres (yes, I totally had to look up the way to spell that!), Joey was quick to notice the cakes -- and the fire. Now, you faithful wellsbrothers readers will remember our experiences with fire about a year ago at our house, and then again a few weeks later at Uncle Adam's wedding. Even though we weren't in a mansion this time, the thought of Joey burning down this building was terrifying -- and far too high on the list of possibilites! So I did my best to keep a pretty tight reign on that little fire-loving Jo-nado.Then after the wedding (during which Sofiya's sister, Aglika, was fluttering about taking pictures, dressed in a red formal dress and a cowboy hat :) we feasted on some bar-be-que. Micah was quite proud of the sausage-potato-salad-and-beans-on-a-roll-sandwich that he made. And he liked it so much that he wanted to go back through the line to get another one. So Bret took him, and when they got back, I was flattered that it turned out that the reason he had wanted to go through the line again was to make a sandwich for me -- a potato-salad-and-beans-on-a-roll sandwich. Mmmmm.

Conner was excited to wear his new tie again, and spent some time with Bret working on a new "cool pose." If you missed the one Conner came up with on his own, it's worth seeing - click here. :)
At one point, Conner went missing...and we just couldn't be upset with him when we found him helping stack the chairs - without even being asked! (What a good little preacher's kid! At another point, my attempt at a tight reign failed and Joey went missing. Thinking about the fire, I panicked...and was relieved when he was nowhere near the cakes and candles...and then panicked again when I realized that I still didn't know where he was. A few minutes later, I discovered Aglika in the ladies room, gingerly holding a familiar pair of Go Diego Go undies and size 3T khakis as far away from her as she could. She looked at me, and with a horrified look said, "I don't know. I find deez (undies) and den I find deez." She pointed into the open stall in front of her, where Joey was sitting on the toilet backwards, grunting and doing his business. Apparently he had decided to go, started stripping as he made his way the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothing, and Aglika was the only one who noticed. How absolutely hilarious and horrifying at the same time!

Speaking of interesting combinations, this is the same kid, who was so excited about the fire and the cakes that he won the sweet little bride's heart over enough that she actually let him stick his finger in the icing on the back of each cake before she got to do her thing with them! (And then when he finally got his own piece, he was too excited about the chocolate-covered strawberry that came with it to even eat the cake.) Good grief.

And what wedding story revolving around interesting combinations would be complete without a bang at the end? As they were wrapping up, Jamie announced that they're expecting a baby in December, right around their first anniversary (of their first wedding)!

Jamie and Sofiya, we are so excited and proud for you! Congratulations!!

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Bonnie said...

How very fun! Gotta tip my hat to them, though, to be so considerate of friends and family, though. Getting through 1 wedding ceremony was plenty trying for me! And to do 3! Definitely an act of love for friends and family! Congratulations Jamie & Sofiya! (Hope I spelled that right...)