Thursday, May 27, 2010

Field Trip!

I got to go with Conner on his Spring Field Trip today. (Thanks Uncle Robert for tending to Micah and Joey for me!) We were off to the Omni to watch Sharks.

I was really disappointed last fall when my old camera didn't cooperate with me at Conner's first field trip. They went to Casa Manana, and I didn't get any pictures of either his first field trip or (the main thing he was excited about!) his first time on a school bus.

So I got some today! :) Conner was at the front of the line to load the bus - still very excited about it.And he was so sweet to make sure and stand up so that I could see where he was sitting on the bus. He's been to the Omni a couple of times before with Bubba and Uncle Chris, but it's still really cool. Whoa!And this is Trey, Conner's field trip buddy. (Who had never been to the Omni before and was practically crawling up the steps, hanging on for dear life. It was funny.) Happy Field Trip Day, Conner! Thanks for letting me come along!

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Bonnie said...

and once again, we're ALL thankful for your new camera!