Saturday, May 15, 2010

Topsy Turvy

We went to a youth rally this afternoon with Aunt Jodi and Uncle Robert's church. There was all kinds of fun stuff to do -- including a bounce house, teacup ride, and gyro-something-or-other ride.

My boys were really excited about the bounce house. We're pros at those. But the rides were another story. They've never been to an amusement park, never been to Six Flags, never ridden anything like these before. And they couldn't wait!

Conner was the first to give it a try. He spun and spun to his little heart's content. And even though he did get a little woozy at first, it was nothing a couple of second's break from the spinning didn't cure.Then he tried the gyro. I think he liked that one even better!(See the picure at the beginning of this post for his "Wow, that was awesome!" face.) And I was super-glad that awesome Aunt Jodi volunteered to ride with him so that I didn't have to! :)Finally, from over in the Bounce House, Micah caught wind of what was going on and he wanted to try, too. I rode with him the first time, not sure that he would like it, and not sure how well his sensitive little tummy would handle it. But he proved me wrong - he was ready for another ride as soon as we were done! As long as there was not much extra spinning. :) (Sorry - we didn't get a great pic of Micah's face while he was riding, but Aunt Jodi was sure to get a good one of me sticking my tongue out at Joey everytime we went by. Which, by the way, he thought was absolutely hilarious.)But our topsy-turviness was relatively short-lived. Micah was done after a couple of rides on the teacup, and a little mad that he wasn't big enough for the gyro. Joey was mad that he wasn't big enough for any of it. And Conner started getting a little green and woozy after a few rides. So we hung out at the bounce house for the rest of the time.

Thank you Uncle Robert and Aunt Jodi for inviting us -- and for coralling the kids along with BooBoo, Yogi, John, and Maddie. It wouldn't have been even almost as fun without so much help!

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Lydia said...

whoa... way to go jodi, on that gyro... it looks like a little too much!! Glad you guys had fun!