Monday, May 10, 2010


We had a bit of cabin fever over the weekend. We wanted to go out somewhere - but it needed to be cheap. As in next to free.

So we went to the zoo. (Free for us thanks to our zoo membership!) But when we got there and saw that the parking lot was completely full and the overflow parking was in use, we gave up. I can't really remember why, but the Ft Worth Children's Museum (that we also have a pass to) was out too - overcrowded. What else could we do?

Leave it to Bret - we ended up at Cabela's. Yes, we went to a fishing/hunting/outdoor store for our free Saturday entertainment. First we fed the catfish outside.

Then when we walked in the door, Micah's breathless exclamation of, "This is the place of my dreams!" not only gave the employees a great laugh -- it also earned four free tokens to the upstairs shooting arcade for all three kiddos!

We couldn't go straight there though, we had to see all the sights on the way. And if you know Conner, you won't be surprised to know that he also made it into a mysterious hunt to find a porquipine. :) We saw the deer mountain,

saw more indoor fish tanks, rode the elevators, and then finally found the shooting arcade. Then we made our way to the antler hall of fame, the Africa room, (where, by the way, Conner found his porquipine!!),
and then finished our "shopping" trip up watching the carp feeding.

And the best part? I think it's safe to say it was next to free - we spent a whopping fifty cents on catfish food. What a great place for all my boys!

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Lydia said...

That's great! I love love love that little Micah Moo!!