Friday, May 7, 2010

RoofTop Experiences

My man is a hard worker. He's received this calling to be Christ to those who don't know Him. It's meant sacrifices of all sort, but he's committed to it. And in an effort to make it work he's fund-raised his little heart out, probably driving everyone we know a little batty. But living on pledges from friends and family alone just doesn't seem as possible as it once did -- or even as okay as it once did. Now in addition to, or perhaps better put - as a supplement to - this work of planting churches - he has become a roofing contractor. The roofing should eventually pay all of the bills - and has already proven to, at the same time put him in contact with all kinds of people searching for the Lord.

So now he is: a husband, a father, a missionary, a doctoral student, and a roofing contractor. He also does some coaching (as in the counseling type), substitute teaching, wedding ceremonies, and retreats on the side. Like I said, he's a hard worker.

The roofing thing has been going on since the first part of February. It's been a long, hard road...with two full months without pay...but the roofs have finally started going up...and the paychecks have finally started coming in! The goal is to eventually be fully financially supported by the roofing sales, no longer depending upon our financial supporters. Selling roofs is actually shaping up to be a very nice compliment to -- even a great tool for -- church planting.

Obviously, Bret has been really busy trying to make all of this work. There have been a lot of late nights, and we've had to be creative to fit in some family time. But by golly, it's the most important job he's got, so we're making it work! We've delivered drinks to his crews during the day... ...and Conner's even gotten to go with Bret to sell roofs. Conner's job is to draw the roof -- he sits in the truck and does his best while Bret does the actual measuring. Then the other day, when I thought they were out working hard, there was a knock on my front door. When I opened it, I was greeted by the cutest salesman I had ever seen.Bret had let him do more than draw the roof this time - he got to actually help measure, climb on the ladder just high enough to see the roof and count the accessories, help do the math, and write it all up. I saw what he had done, and signed that paper without even looking at it! And then I later learned that he even gave me a free upgrade to lifetime shingles, and listed his phone number as, "Yell for me." :)

Bret my dear, we are so proud of you and so very thankful for all of the hard work you do for us. We are hoping that this roofing gig really is the answer to so many prayers!

Anybody need a new roof? :)

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Lee and Michelle said...

Gotta love the tough years! I remember when Lee worked 3 jobs and then we would agrue on our 30min drive to church on Sunday morning, that was our only time we were finally together but ticked that we never got to see each other. Seems Funny now! Glad you're handling this time better than we did :)

A Blessed Wife and Mom said...

LOVE the estimate!!!

Bonnie said...

How COULD you resist that little salesman?!?! And Bret has earned even another, additional "feather in his cap" for the patience he had in this "play" with Conner...