Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mother's Tea

Last night was Mother's Tea at Conner's preschool. The kids made little gift bags for their moms, sang a few songs, and we got the opportunity to just sit and eat and visit with our kiddos one-on-one. It was nice.

I was so looking forward to just hanging out with Conner. I love all three of those boys, but it's so nice to have some one-on-one time. When I asked him what I should wear, he didn't miss a beat. "Your tiger-lily dress. You look so beautiful in that." We went shopping yesterday, and the boys helped me pick out a dress to wear to Uncle Adam's wedding. Bless their hearts, they just don't know what to think when I actually set aside the "mommy uniform" to get girlie-ed up. They loved this dress so much that it quickly got a nickname. (It is black with bright pink and white flowers...don't know where "tiger-lily" came from...)

We dropped Micah and Joey off with Heidi (Bret was leading a House Church gathering -- thank you, thank you, Heidi!) and we were off. He immediately saw Logan and Jessie in the parking lot and was super-excited. And then we actually got to sit next to Logan...who could ask for anything more?!

Our seats were assigned with the little gift bags they had made. Conner immediately dumped mine out and showed me all the things he had for me...and proceeded to tell me which things I needed to share with him, specifically the Little Debbie brownies with sprinkles! :)

Then the kids sang their songs. (Sorry about the pic...that's about the best my little camera could do in that big room from that far away...)The songs were supposed to be a surprise, but bless his heart, he's been so excited for the last week or so that I think I had already heard most of them. But it was so sweet to see him up there with all his friends, in front of all those mothers, with all that stuff going on -- but he was looking at me, singing to me, beaming at me, giving me a gift that he was so very proud of. I'm pretty proud, too. At one point in between songs (when they were supposed to be quiet), he just couldn't stand it. "You're gonna love this one, Mom!" Everyone laughed and looked at me. How is it that he nearly always manages to do something like that?! I love it.

The director read us a sweet little book and talked about how crazy-busy this time of our life is...but how quickly it goes. I have been noticing that, when people talk about things like that lately, there are some pretty strong emotions that are trying to bubble their way out. Conner will be starting kindergarten in a few months, which means that while we are not completely exiting the phase of life we are in now, we will be entering a new phase. I am excited about it, but I so love this baby/preschooler phase... One of these days those emotions are gonna be stronger than my will to keep them at bay, and I will be a blubbery mess. (There. You've been warned!)

And then we got to eat. But always the ladies' man, first things first. While we were in line, he simply had to have his picture taken with his friend, Madison. Even though the table was full of things Conner loves -- cookies, cake, cheese, fruit -- he couldn't wait to get to the end. There were chocolate fountains, and he could hardly contain himself. When we finally got there, the fountains did not disappoint. We got his stick, we got the marshmallows, and he drizzled them with some yummy chocolate. Too cool. He couldn't even put the chocolate fountain marshmallows down for a picture with Logan. :)
Conner my dear, thank you for a lovely evening. You are the one that first made me a mom, and I thank you and love you for that. I am so very proud of you and love you more than you know.


Amber said...

When I was teaching kindergarten the Mother's Day tea was always one of my favorite things (a lot of work, but totally worth it). Now that I'm a mom it means even more.

Gammie said...

Wow! How special!! The only problem is...where is the picture of Conner with you in your Tiger lily dress??

Rachel said...

Sorry...didn't get a picture with the whole dress. You'll see it at Adam and Caroline's wedding!

BooBoo said...

There are a few tears in this BooBoo's eyes! What a very special time with your little man!
I really like his tropical shirt; I'm thinking it looked swell with your Tiger-lily dress! I guess thanks are in order for our Conner for first making us a Yogi & BooBoo, too. Glad you had a great time...and thanks, Heidi, for that gift of peace-of-mind you gave Rachel so that she could really enjoy the evening!
Love, MOM pfu,wpfy

Heidi said...

Rachel, you made me cry again! But a good cry...

Adron & Houston T. said...

I'm with the crying, love what you what you had to say