Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conner's Pretend Birthday

Conner had a pretend birthday party at school today. All the kids that have summer birthdays, like Conner, get to bring their cupcakes and celebrate in May.

Conner was super-excited about this. We went to the Party Store the other day in search of Incredible Hulk plates and napkins, but ended up with Batmans. No prob. After all, we ended up with free balloons for our trouble!

I don’t know where he came up with this, but he insisted on banana-flavored Batman cupcakes for the tasty treat. So I made it easy on myself – banana muffin mix with a can of blue tinted cream cheese icing, and Batman decorations. They really turned out pretty cute – especially considering that I was still working on them a little after 1:00 this morning. (Yes, I got started on them way too late!)

Micah and Joey and I joined the Pony Class for the pretend celebration. I never cease to be amazed at how exciting something as simple as super-hero paperplates can be. And a couple of the kids were absent, so Micah actually got to sit in a real spot at the table…he was in heaven! Mrs. Tammy knows my Conner well. She got him a Pokemon book. (I think I will have to write about Pokemon someday. Conner is quite a fan. He was so excited about this little book that he could hardly contain himself.) And then…as if all of this wasn’t enough…Mrs. Tammy invited us to stay and play with the class on the playground. Now, you have to understand. The playground is immediately adjacent to the parking lot. Everyday that we take Conner to school, we park right in front of it. Micah wants to play on it so badly – he always asks to “gway on the gwaygwound,” but the answer always has to be no. It’s got to be pure torchure for the little guy. Mrs. Tammy, you made our dreams come true today!

I had a hard time getting anyone to be still long enough to take a picture, but here’s a few. You get the idea, it’s a playground. Somehow, I think Joey was the most popular kid on the playground. There was always a crowd around him. Everyone wanted to play with Joey, wanted Joey to smile at them. Bless his heart, I think it wore him out!
And then there were batman party blowers as party favors. Too fun.…and because I’m a sucker for any excuse to turn the day into a party, and because he asked, I’m up making Micah’s pretend-birthday-blueberry-flavored-Spiderman-cupcakes for tomorrow… Stay tuned!


BooBoo said...

Hey! We're able to have 364 un-birthday parties a yer (per person)!
I love, love, love the pictures and you can just see Micah "swelling" in his big-boy pleasures!
Love you! MOM pfu,wpfy

Gammie said...

Awwwwesssssome! I love it! The pictures say it all. Just look at those smiles!
Happy Birthday Conner!!!!
and Happy Birthday Micah!!! and lets not leave Joey out...Happy Birthday Joey!!!
Congrats Mom!! You did great on the cupcakes.

CB said...

What a great idea! They should do that at every school!! looks like you are having a great time with those boys!!!

Lydia said...

i'd like to have a bannana muffin with cream cheese icing ...sounds delicious!

Heidi said...

Isn't Miss Tammy awesome? Torie (and us) loved her SOOO much! The pictures look like they are having a blast!

Amanda Brooke Kilgore said...

It is so wonderful how teachers know just how to make a kid's day. I am so glad Conner has Ms. Tammy!!