Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Sometimes I wish Mother's Day was not on a Sunday. Sundays are just so hard anway...and then you add another big deal in there, and it seems like no matter how hard you or anyone else tries, it is still a hard Sunday.

Mother's Day '09 was no exception. It was a hard and busy Sunday. But my four guys did a lot to make sure that it was a special one for me.

The day started off with a shower at 5:30am and some last minute gathering of supplies for the kids' Mother's Day project during worship. I got to see Bret for a few minutes, and then he was off a little before 6:30am to do some final sermon prep, and then worship set-up and rehearsal. (It's usually my choice, whether I would like for him to do those final preparations on Saturday evening or Sunday morning...and I usually choose Sunday morning. I like to have him home in the evenings.)

Then the kids were up, and it was the normal Sunday morning routine -- in addition to making muffins for the worship refreshments. I was enjoying the fact that I was using the mini-muffin tins that were my great-grandmother's. It seemed like a really special way to use them...and then my blueberry muffins refused to let go of them...and I served up a basket of muffin crumbles at worship yesterday! But hey, every last one of those crumbles was eaten! :)

And then my "kids' Mother's Day project" partner-in-crime called. Thankfully, she was really thinking through this thing and realized that we were going to need a wagon. No problem, we could use mine...and then I realized that it was covered in mud from the weeds Conner had been pulling. So I washed the wagon, dried the wagon, unloaded the stroller from the van, and then crammed the wagon in. Then I loaded all of the usual Sunday morning stuff, along with the donuts, muffins, and apple juice for refreshments. (Yes, I forgot the cups...)

But, we somehow made it to worship on time -- early even. And it was really good.

Bible class was hectic, but fun. All of the kids made cards, decorated flower pots for their moms, and then planted a little zinnia in them. Micah did his usual-of-late refuse-to-be-happy-in-class-unless-I'm-sitting-in-Mommy's-lap thing. It was not as bad as last week, but it was "awesome" nonetheless. I've got to stop letting that stress me out so much -- especially because I'm going to be the teacher a lot this summer, and Micah will more than likely continue to do this. It makes me feel like I'm the worst teacher ever for all of the other kids...

But the cards and the flowers were awesome.The kids presented the flowers and cards to all of the moms after class. Conner was so sweet. He brought his little flower in, hiding it behind his back. I think he really somehow thought it was a surprise -- even though I'm the one that helped him plant it! :)Conner drew a butterfly on his pot, and Micah drew a Pokemon on his. (Everything Micah draws lately is a Pokemon.)

Then we had take-out from Panda Express for the grown-ups and Sonic for the little guys for lunch. The best of both worlds -- no long Mother's Day lines, but no kitchen work or mess for me at home, either. Thanks, Bret!

And then -- brace yourselves -- we took naps. Four of us. At the same time. It may be a record. Conner is the only who didn't go to sleep, and he was so sweet, independent, and self-sufficient. He didn't need anything for those two hours!

Then we called all of our mothers/grandmothers/great-grandmothers -- six in all! And then it was leftovers for dinner (almost as good as take-out!), baths, and bedtimes...except at 9pm, all three of the Wells Brothers were still awake. Very awake. Two hours after we had started trying to get them to sleep. So I loaded them up in the van, and we took a boring little drive on the interstate until Joey and Conner were asleep -- which took awhile because Micah and Conner just couldn't stop talking to each other. I tried not to get too frustrated though, because at least they weren't fighting...

It was 10pm before we were home and had everyone to sleep. Uggh.

But it was still a great day. Really, any day spent with my family is great. They had given me my gifts on Saturday night. I got some flowers in a cute little pot,
and a watering can for the boys to help me water them.I couldn't have asked for anything more...but there was more. Homemade cards. They were so sweet, I put them on the counter by the kitchen sink (where I spend roughly 82.36% of my time washing dishes) so that I could see them all the time...and then one of my dishwashing helpers splashed the water and got them they're smeared a little. I went ahead and scanned them before they get totally demolished. This one is from Conner:
("Happy Mother's Day") And the inside:("You're triple best Mom in the world.") He was extra proud of that little green and red dot frame around the heart.

And this one is from Micah:
("Happy Mother's Day! Hit-Smash the Pokemon") And the inside:

("O-mineyet the bad Pokemon." "From Micah. You are the BEST Mommy in the world! Mom, take a bubble shower. I have a bubble shower at my house. MiCAH") I don't know what a bubble shower is, but I think it sounds nice! (And I didn't ask why he thought I needed one! :)

I promise Joey was around, too...I just didn't get any pictures of him. I wanted to get a picture of me with all three of those people that call me Mom/Mama, but it just didn't happen...
Wells Brothers, you guys are a lot of hard work -- work that doesn't end, even on days that you are supposed to take it easy on me. But I am so honored that I am the one blessed with doing all of that hard work. Thanks for a great Mother's Day! I love you!


Bret Wells said...

I just realized that you have over 24 THOUSAND hits on this blog!!!! You are the Uber-Blogger!

I'm glad parts of yesterday were good babe! We Wells boys are never an easy crew, but we love you and wouldn't trade you for anyone in the world - you're our favorite girl!

Have you blogged any about the "I have that at my house"?

Gammie said...

Yay! What a great way to spend Mother's Day. You wouldn't be a mommy if it didn't have crazy parts too:) But a nap...Wow! Those boys were trying hard to give you a great day.
I soooo miss the days of homemade cards and fresh picked weed flowers:(
Happy Mother's Day Sweetie! Hope you enjoy your "bubble shower"!

Rachel said...

I haven't blogged at all yet about Mike or Micah's's coming soon... ;)

Gammie said...

Update: I just checked my mail and guess what I have....a hand made card!!!!!!!! and a picture too! I love, love, love them!!!
Thank you Bret, Thank you Rachel, Thank you Conner, Thank you Micah, and Thank you Joey!!!! great big hugs and kisses and a iddy biddy baby one too!!!! Muuuaaahhh! I love you all and miss you bunches!

Amy said...

I thought the same thing this year about Mother's Day being on Sunday!! You are definitely SUPER MOM!! I can't believe how much you are able to get done in the mornings before you even make it to church!!! :)

BooBoo said...

Glad your day was great & it sounds like you "paid" for that 2 hour nap! Conner should really be proud of that frame; he spent some serious time on that! Your guys came through really good for you! Thanks for the precious call & wonderful are absolutely awesomely creative in that respect, too. Micah sure has improved on writing his name since he first began at Tiffany's baby shower! ...and Joey, WOW!! His name-writing is incredible! I don't believe YOU could write any better! ;)

and going along with the bubble shower, the word verification:
"spahshr" ...which translates in my mind to: "Spa? Sure!"
Love you, MOM