Friday, May 22, 2009

Micah's Carnival

Bret and Conner went camping this afternoon. Like real camping -- backpacking to a primitive campsite in a state park. Micah did not get to go because we were not very confident that he would be able to do the backpacking part. Maybe next year.

But...Conner has been very excited about this trip. And neither Conner nor Micah have missed the fact that Conner gets to go and Micah doesn't. We were gonna have to find something special to do with Micah.

So we decided to go to Mom's and Dad's, and surely we would be able to come up with something. And then, as "luck" would have it, the Glen Rose Elementary School carnival was postponed due to the swine flu -- and rescheduled for today! Perfect.

Sooo...Bret and Conner went camping, Joey stayed with Mom and MeeMaw, and Micah went to the carnival with me and Dad. Lots of fun!

I took quite a few was kind of nice to have only one kid to have to take a picture of, and not have to be watching any other ones while I was snapping. So bear with me!

Micah didn't really have any idea what a carnival was. He knew that there were going to be games and prizes, and that's about it. What really mattered was that Micah got to go and Conner didn't. (Yes, they were both in tears earlier this afternoon about what the other one was going to get to do!)

I think Dad was pretty excited, too. If you'll notice, Dad is nearly always right there with Micah -- helping him, holding his goody bag, watching with pride, pulling out his wallet to get some more tickets. I think that getting to spend some one-on-one time with one of the kids (especially with the expressed purpose of spoiling them a little!) must be pretty fun for grandparents, too.
There was a pop-the-balloon-with-a-dart game,
a basketball shoot (probably one of Micah's favorites),a bounce house (Yes, yippee! Very exciting!!),a dig-for-treasure game,fishing,("Wait, I have to see my prizes for a minute!")
a knock-down-the-coke-can-tower-with-a-bean-bag game (Micah's very favorite game. He did this one four times. "I like to throw stuff." It was pretty funny, every time you played this game, you got three throws. He'd knock the tower down the first two times, and then miss the third every time!),
a penny toss (another favorite),
(Please be sure to notice Micah's "carnival socks." He's quite proud. Conner had to put socks and tennis shoes on to go camping. Micah wanted to know which socks he needed to wear for the carnival, and when I told him that he didn't need any, that was the wrong answer! So he pulled out his favorite mismatched pair of socks from Gammie's house -- one Monsters, Inc and one Cars.)

a catch-a-floating-duck game,("Yogi, can I see my prizes one more time?")
and finally, a "Where's Waldo?" game. He had to do a math problem, got a ticket, had to find the real Waldo somewhere at the carnival, do another math problem, get his ticket punched, and then take it back for the prize. Cool.

Yes, there was a dunking booth and facepaint and lots of other things...but Micah mostly just wanted to throw stuff, so we stuck with the beanbags, pennies, and basket balls. :)

Back at home, Booboo, Josiah, and MeeMaw were very impressed with all of Micah's prizes. Bless his heart, he kept saying he was going to give them all to Conner. We'll see about that.

And what better way to end the evening than with ice cream in Yogi's chair?Thanks Dad, for taking us to the carnival! And thanks Booboo and Meemaw for babysitting! I think we were all spoiled a little.

And as for the campers -- well, I'm getting a little anxious to know how it's going. What good is it to have a Blackberry, facebook account, twitter account, and cell phone signal at your campsite if you don't use it?! :)

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BooBoo said...

yea for carnivals! yea for cameras! Yea for children! yea for grandchildren! Yea for life!
Love, MOM pfu,wpfy